Outside Presentations

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    Altiris is a leader in systems management solutions has been adding support for Mac OS X to it products that provide asset management, tracking and discovery. Justin Strasburg and Nelson Miles will provide an overview Mac OS X support in their products and discuss future support.

    The unofficial theme of this meeting was "Production". Production occurs when stuff comes out, computing is when stuff just goes in. When most computers are used to receive, Mac users produce now and ask questions later. Why? Because the machines are fast and easy to use, they are therefore more appealing. As Larry put it: Production = (speed of the computer + the speed of the operator) / (completion rate) x (the overall appeal)

    The Iomega Corporation has been a long-time provider of easy-to-use, high value data storage and data protection solutions for both the Mac and PC platforms. Their products include the new REV Drives, the popular Zip Drives, and their Mini and Micro Mini USB Drives. Wayne will talk about Iomega's troubles, successes, and future directions. He will also present a few of their drives and talk about why they are still relevant to the Mac community.

    This presentation will cover Kronos Apple support & requirements.

    The Mac Enterprise group was formed with the aim of enhancing Apple's presence in the Enterprise environment. Bring your unanswered questions and innovative solutions for an open floor discussion!

    MacDocs is a locally owned and operated Mac Reseller and Service Provider that has been in operation since the late 1980s. Originally incorporated as Soft Tech Solutions, Inc. the company changed its name to better represent its main focus, service. They are the Direct Dispatch dealer for Utah and employ the highest concentration of Apple Certified Technicians of any reseller in the state. Russ Fellows, Managing Partner for MacDocs, will discuss the services that MacDocs can provide the university Mac community. For more info, see web site.

    Mary Starman is the over the product managers in the Mac development group at Microsoft. She will give an overview of the Mac development and talk about the product roadmap for the next year.

    Brian Johnson, a product manager with Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, will discuss the the Mac Business Unit, Office for Mac, and some of the features you'll see in Office 2008 for Mac, due out later this year. He'll also discuss the upcoming Open Office XML file format converters for Mac, and the removal of VBA from Office 2008 for Mac.

    This presentation gives you an update including tips & tricks for enterprise deployment of software from the Mac Buisness Unit at Microsoft including Office 2008, Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter for Mac, Status of Visual Basic, Microsoft Messenger and much more...

    This session focuses on what's new in Office 2008 for Mac SP2, including support for SharePoint and Exchange Server 2007; deployment issues in the large academic institution environment; and the future roadmap for Office for Mac.

    Overviews of Macworld's conferences and expos.

    Marratech is iChat and SubEthaEdit on steroids. It can do text, audio, video chats. It has a whiteboard for viewing text files, images, even pdf's, and you can even write on them. And best of all, it is very easy and intuitive to use. Joe Bishop of Marratech will provide an overview & demonstration of the Work Environment kit.

    A brief overview of the network monitoring program Nagios.

    Richard is Novell's Product Manager for Storage Services & Clustering in the Nterprise Products Group, discussed how to integrate Novell services such as eDirctory, Native File Access Pack, and iFolder with Mac OS X.

    This presentation cover UMail support, issues & recommendations for Apple computers & mobile devices.

    Jeff, CTO of Utopia implementation consultants, DynamicCity Metronet Advisors Group, discussed the mission and goals of the Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency. Eighteen Utah cities along the Wasatch Front, motivated by a desire to secure economic development and to improve the quality of life for their residents, banded together to create an interlocal entity with a mission to design, finance, build, operate, and maintain an all fiber, open, public, wholesale telecommunications infrastructure.

    Reports from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

    This presentation will covered a history of XMission, its services, focus & philosophy, Mac support, internal use of Mac's, and iPhone & XMission hotspots.