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    Travis Emory is the lead technician at the Bookstore Computer Service Center. He details in his presentation some changes that are being made at the bookstore regarding their quality of service.

    In the past, support from OIT for issues related to Apple hardware and software has been problematic. It has been dependent upon the familiarity and availability of individual staff members who ranged in experience from everyday Apple users/tinkers down to casual Apple users. There has been very little actual expertise. As a result, functionality of hosted services for Apple computers has usually received a basic level of documentation, but getting support when things when wrong has been rather difficult. The ever growing presence of Apple computers and devices such as the iPhone on campus suggests that OIT needs to review its ability to address the needs of an important part of the campus community. We have a few ideas and we're interested in hearing what mac-managers has to say on the subject.

    In order to best utilize the web integrated Citrix application (Version 10.00.600) available through the College of Social Behavioral Science the client requires certain files to be adjusted, cookies to be added and plists to be edited. This document covers at what files need to be altered and created when getting the Citrix application to smoothly run with it's web counter-part and Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

    This presentation will detail how the Marriott Library Multimedia Center has built a LMS for staff training using moodle & Flash MX Pro. There will be a brief overview of what a LMS is, what is needed to create one, followed by a demonstration of the system, including an interactive exam designed in Flash MX Pro. Also, there will be an overview of Moodle, which is a open source course management system (CMS).

    Goes over my experiences in creating a custom iSync phone plugin. Gives basic overview of iSync plugins and mobile phone sync technologies.

    Workaround for users who are running Mac OS 10.4 on PPC Macs have not been able to run the IBM Workplace Forms Viewer (PureEdge) provided by the grants.gov website since installing the April security update for 10.4.

    This presentation covered the College of Law's subscription based informational kiosks, named Display & Alert Network or DAN. That allows campus colleges, departments, groups easily manage & customize information using a web browser and have it displayed on one or multiple kiosks with the same info on all kiosks or customized info for each location or a subset.

    The Marriott Library is proud to announce iPods for checkout to students, staff & faculity through a federal grant made possible by The Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA).

    The campus's new mail system with an Exchange backend. Craig will discuss concerns for Mac users like support, features, and accessing mail through Entourage 2004 or web interface.

    This is documentation covers tracking down the IP address of a remote machine using sharing music with iTunes.

    Magnolia is the leading open-source content-management-system (CMS). The main goal of the Magnolia Suite is the ease of use for all parties involved. Magnolia Content Management features a very flexible structure, platform-independence through the use of Java and XML, a simple to use API, templating through the use of JSP, JSTL and a custom tag library, automatic administrative UI generation, transparent and uniform data access to multiple data repositories, configuration through XML, application integration and deployment with professional staging on any J2EE Server. This presentation will provide an overview of the basic concepts and relationships inside Magnolia. You should walk away understanding the essentials and be able to deploy your own Magnolia CMS in just a few minutes.

    Mozy Home for Mac, is a online backup service that offers users several emote backup options, including a free 2GB account, appropriately named Mozy Home Free. For $5 per month, you can upgrade the 2GB account to an unlimited backup solution. Mozy Pro for Mac, to be released later this summer, will offer the simplicity of Mozy Home, but with the enterprise options like storage pooling, centralized administration,and more.

    As of Mac OS X 10.4.7, there is a bug with Rosetta running on Intel Mac's, where sometimes PowerPC applications , such as Word or Photoshop would crash on launch. There are a couple of workarounds the issue, one restarting the Intel Mac or killing the process called translated.

    here are times in educational or other environments, you might want to quickly login a group of Mac's like in a classroom in situations where attendee's might not be affiliated with the university and be using temporary guest accounts. You can use Apple Remote Desktop's, Send Unix command to accomplish this task.

    This presentation will detail how the Marriott Library Multimedia Center has built an Online Self-Scheduling system for student, staff and faculty to use. The system is based on open source software thats allows for future development and expansion. There will be an explanation of how we are using a public directory to authenticate users and assign privileges. Also, demonstration of system and how to use the administration tools to manage resources and permissions. To date the system has over 4700+ reservations and 100+ users. Overview of the programming and installation processes.

    Bryan Jones presented on scientific imagery, talking about some of the approaches and directions they are taking technology using Apple technology. He'll gave an introduction to the biological problem of retinal circuitry, then introduced some of our computational approaches to solving these problems from the desktop to where we are going with large clusters.

    "Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 8,706,410 Residents from around the globe." - secondlife.com "Campuses and businesses have established locations in these [virtual] worlds, much as they were creating websites a dozen years ago... Virtual worlds offer an opportunity for people to interact in a way that conveys a sense of presence lacking in other media... The use of virtual worlds in education has grown considerably over the past year. Courses now meet in Second Life and other locations." - 2007 Horizon Report

    Sente, an academic reference manager for Mac OS X, is an alternative to EndNote.  Sente is used by people in many different academic fields, from French history to molecular biology, to find and organize the literature in their field; to locate, download and organize full-text PDFs; and to properly cite references when writing papers and manuscripts.

    The campus Software Licensing discussed Office 2008 & Entourage 2008 availability & licensing. Also, discussed new Mac software download availability and answer questions from the group.

    The campus's new mail system with an Exchange backend. Craig will discuss concerns for Mac users like support, features, and accessing mail through Entourage 2004 or web interface.

    This will be an overview of the "virtual schedule" that will replace the paper schedules on the doorways of the classrooms and labs. It is a Mac Mini mounted to the wall with power and network, it has a flat panel display securely mounted on top of the mini and is locked. Behind the scenes is a screen saver called IdleWeb which will display a web site on a screen saver. The web site loaded is a set of custom pages that rotate between the Room Number, The Schedule for the Room, and a .php page that will check the Library's schedule database to see if there is a class in session.