Sente - Academic Reference Manager

By: Michael Cinkosky, Third Street Software, Inc. - Revised: 2014-01-23 richard

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Sente - by Michael Cinkosky, Third Street Software, Inc.

Michael Cinkosky presented a brief demonstration of Sente, an academic reference manager for Mac OS X.  Sente is an alternative to EndNote.  Sente is used by people in many different academic fields, from French history to molecular biology, to find and organize the literature in their field; to locate, download and organize full-text PDFs; and to properly cite references when writing papers and manuscripts.

Michael Cinkosky has designed and developed research software for many years. He designed the first relational version of the GenBank DNA sequence database and genome mapping software for the Human Genome Project.  He was the Director of Informatics for the Huntsman Cancer Institute for five years in the late 1990's.  In recent years, he has concentrated on developing custom systems for use in bio-medical research and on Sente, a general academic reference manager for the Mac.

Sente - Window