Campus Bookstore Apple Service Update

By: Campus Bookstore Service Update - By Travis Emery - Revised: 2009-09-15 scott

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The Campus bookstore is making some changes!

There've been some issues in the past regarding repairs. One limitation we were encountering was the fact we only had a single technician to process and make repairs, there was also a software system revision and also a 130% increase in repairs coming in.

We now have doubled our staff and all of them are very knowledgeable, with 3 certified technicians to increase our attention and commitment to our customers.

We are now guaranteeing priority service to all University departments, with no additional charge. We're now looking at a 48 hour turnaround time (no including parts shipment). Also no prior calls and appointments are necessary under our new system.

We're looking to do on-site service for server machines, then all macintosh sytems; servers, desktops, laptops.

Learn more by downloading from the iTunes U links above,

Travis Emery, Campus Bookstore