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    Apple isn't officially supporting the use of the Airport Base without an Airport card-equipped Mac. But, there are options to use a PC card(s) with certain models of Mac's, that allow you to use the Airport base station. This is a basic outline on the options, setup, tips for using your non-Airport card-equipped Mac with the Airport Base Station.

    Scott discussed an overview of the software options for APC UPS's like APC Tracker that allows shutdown of devices in a network, remote configuration, monitoring and administration; APC Powerchute is a option for those devices that don't have an additional ethernet interface. Scott will give overview of each solution and thr pro's & con's of both.

    Some AirPort Base Stations are failing shortly after a year in use. The probable problem is a pair of capacitors on the logic board. If your serial number falls within PW940XXXXXXX to PW952XXXXXX, you have a bad Base Station. This is an overview of what to do if your Base Station doesn't work.

    Ever wonder what happens when you take your Mac in for repair? What is the process, what tools do the technicians use, How do they troubleshoot hardware? Joe will provide a technician's perspective on the warranty repair process at the Bookstore with an emphasis on troubleshooting the G5.

    Bluetooth® technology is a cutting-edge open specification that enables short-range wireless connections between desktop and notebook computers, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, camera phones, printers, digital cameras, keyboards and even a computer mouse.

    Drobo is a data storage peripheral, developed by Data Robotics, Inc., which interfaces up to four 3.5" SATA hard drives with a computer via High-Speed USB 2.0 or FireWire (2nd generation only).

    Is everyone excited for the iPhone SDK? Well, the "unofficial" iPhone SDK has been out long enough that there are already many of custom iPhone apps. There are apps for instant messaging, to do lists, dictionaries, eBooks, Finder, TextEdit, Dock, PDF viewer, games (including an NES emulator), Terminal, the BSD subsystem (top, ls, chmod, ditto, nano, grep, ping, curl, tcpdump, etc), Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, AFP server, apache, sshd, wifi stumblers, an ant infestation app, etch-a-sketch, and even a guitar... We better stop there cause the list keeps going and going.

    This page lists campus iPhone resources & links.

    Apple's iPhone SDK is more than meets the eyes. Developers are excited because the iPhone's abilities enables them do far more than they thought and the SDK is the gateway. But something quite unexpected surfaced. In the name of security, Apple is requiring developers to verify their identity before they can run applications on the iPhone and the SDK limits what apps can do.

    Mike Klinke of LaCie talked about Lacie's RAID, NAS and Ethernet Disk solutions and answer questions.

    WWAN technology enables a laptop or other device to connect to the Internet anywhere that cellular network coverage is available. The major wireless service providers (Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel, and such) offer broadband WWAN services that provide DSL-like download speeds, but you need to search long and hard to find a vendor that official supports Mac OS X. Gary will be presenting on the options and process getting WWAN access a PowerBook.

    Many our Power Mac Dual 2 GHz G5's have had problems reading all types of CD's. This page describes a few possible solutions to the issue.

    This presentation covered the the SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system, which is an all-in-one design brings an interactive whiteboard, projector and audio system together. Tony covered features, software installation & workarounds, GoWire SMART Board software auto-launch cable, technology hub to connect & switch A/V devices, and ScratchPad which is application to capture to USB drives.

    An overview of Solid State Drive tech.

    TeamBoard is a multi-function "interactive" whiteboard that allows users to to digitally capture what they draw the instant the pen touches the drawing surface. Mike Yocom will provide an overview and demonstration of a TeamBoard Mobile interactive White Board.

    USB Flash drives are one of the hottest trends in microsized portable data storage devices. It seems as if hardware manufacturers everywhere are making or selling one. But what are they? How reliable and safe are they? Mikio will provide an overview of these devices.

    Here is a resource for info on different kinds of video adapters needed to support various Apple desktops & laptops.

    WACOM has been an industry leader in the development of Macv and PC input devices designed for the graphic artist. Michelle will be demonstrating WACOM's traditional Intuos Graphic Tablets and how to use their pressure sensitivity feature with Photoshop. She will also be showing WACOM's Cintiq monitor tablets where users can draw, mark up documents, edit photos & animate directly on the monitor.