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Revised: 2008-10-14 richard

Campus iPhone Development - iPhone Developers Association

There is a University of Utah group called, iPhone Developers Association (iPA), that meets every Wednesday at 3 PM in room 1745 and lectures are held immediately after at 5 PM in room 1705 A in the Multimedia Center in the Marriott Library.

iPhone Developers Association - Web Site
iPhone Developers Association - iTunes U Podcast

Campus Email Setup - umail.utah.edu

Everyone at the University of Utah receives a UMail email address from the '@utah.edu' domain. This email account is free. Students receive 50 MB of space for email with this account. The attachment size limit is also 50 MB. Staff and faculty receive 500 MB of space. This account should be used for University-associated emails only.

iPhone & iPod Touch - Campus Email Setup Instructions

Campus VPN Setup - vpnaccess.utah.edu

The University of Utah campus offers VPN access to students, staff & faculty. There are three primary options for VPN, WebVPN, SSL and the "Heavy Client". The web based WebVPN & SSL AnyConnect VPN requires Java to run and which currently IS NOT supported as of version 2.1.. So, currently your only options is to use the "Heavy Client" is built-into the iPhone OS.

iPhone & iPod Touch - Campus VPN Setup

Campus Wireless Setup - uconnect.utah.edu

The uconnect.utah.edu campus wireless network is an authenticated, encrypted network that uses 802.1x/WPA as a campus-wide wireless access standard. Users must enter their uNID and password during configuration to use this network.

iPhone & iPod Touch - Campus Wireless Setup Instructions



Does the iPhone support Kronos?


Kronos is a timekeeping system that gathers information about employees' work hours through time clocks or web interface. The web interface has a Java or a HTML version. Since the iPhone or iPod Touch OS doesn't support Java, your only option for Kronos is to use the HTML version.