USB Flash Drives

By: Mikio Moriyasu - Revised: 2014-01-23 richard

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USB Flash drives are one of the hottest trends in microsized portable data storage devices. It seems as if hardware manufacturers everywhere are making or selling one. But what are they? How reliable and safe are they?

Mikio will provide an overview of these devices.

Table Of Contents
    A brief introduction to USB flash drives.

    It seems as if everyone out there is marketing some kind of USB Flash Drive. A quick Google Search reveals dozens of sites for manufacturers and retailers. Look closer at these sites and you will encounter a dizzying variety of different case designs, physical sizes, capacities, features, colors, and (believe it or not) accessories. There are USB Flash Drive pens, USB Flash Drive wrist watches, and even a USB Flash Drive Swiss Army Knife. When you look past all of the bells and whistles, however, there are only a handful of significant features that define these devices. You should examine each one when considering which available USB Flash Drive is best suited for your needs.

    Mac-specific information about flash drives and their interface, file system format, platform compatibility, application compatibility, and security.

    One reason for the increase in USB Flash Drive sales is the capacity of the device to safely store a reasonably large quantity of data in a small package that retails for a reasonable price. A close examination of benefits the device has to offer, however, reveals a number of potential pitfalls that anyone who may be purchasing one should consider. Here is a list of general and Mac specific pros and cons for these devices.

    A list of product vendors and advice on choosing a flash drive.