Hacking the iPhone

By: Anonymous - Revised: 2014-01-23 richard

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Hacking the iPhone by Anonymous
Is everyone excited for the iPhone SDK?  Well, the "unofficial" iPhone SDK has been out long enough that there are already many of custom iPhone apps.  There are apps for instant messaging, to do lists, dictionaries, eBooks, Finder, TextEdit, Dock, PDF viewer, games (including an NES emulator), Terminal, the BSD subsystem (top, ls, chmod, ditto, nano, grep, ping, curl, tcpdump, etc), Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, AFP server, apache, sshd, wifi stumblers, an ant infestation app, etch-a-sketch, and even a guitar...  We better stop there cause the list keeps going and going.

We weren't sure if the iPhone TOS agreement exactly allows this, so the presenter has asked that he/she remain anonymous.

Hacked iPhone