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Table Of Contents
    Terry will update everyone on the overall status of the campus 802.1x deployment including changes to the Marriott Library wireless network, additions to the Marriott Library wireless network, and the overall status of various campus wireless projects in the past year.

    A survey and possible demonstrations of the available 802.11 wireless hardware.

    The future of AppleTalk will only include updates and bug fixes, no new features according to Apple. Soon, the campus network will only carry data formatted according to the Internet standard TCP/IP protocol. This means that eventually, the campus backbone network will no longer carry AppleTalk network communications between the existing campus AppleTalk Zones.

    What is it? What does it have to do with us? Terry will update everyone on the overall status of the campus 802.1x deployment. Specifics such as what is 802.1x, why it is being deployed, locations where it will be active, and an approximate date when it will be available will be discussed.

    Information & setup details for iPhone & iPod Touch on the University of Utah's wireless networks.

    This presentation gave an overview of Nagios and passive client monitoring using NRPE. This includes the installation and securing of Nagios, configuration file setup, and NRPE specific scripts for Mac OS X.

    Cisco's new router code will no longer support AppleTalk. Netcom is proposing to remove AppleTalk from the campus backbone. With no Appletalk, Macs will no longer be able to access file servers, printers, or other AppleTalk services (database, calendaring, backup, etc.). Every Mac Mgr should evaluate how their departments and/or groups impact if AppleTalk was discontinued. If this will adversely affect your department and/or group and you wish to talk to a representative of Netcom at the meeting.

    Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Overview SSL, and its successor Transport Layer Security (TLS), is the de facto standard for secure web transactions. SSL provides a framework for security methods to authenticate (verify the identity of) servers and clients, verify the contents of messages, and encrypt messages.

    Overview of future of the AppleTalk protocol and its transport across the Campus Backbone Network. He will explain the situation and answer any questions or concerns. Matt McBride is with the University of Utah, Office of Information Technology.