Nagios with NRPE

By: Robert Yeo of University of Utah, College of Fine Arts - Revised: 2009-07-07 scott

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Nagios with NRPE
by Robert Yeo of University of Utah, College of Fine Arts
This presentation gave an overview of Nagios and passive client monitoring using NRPE.   This includes the installation and securing of Nagios, configuration file setup, and NRPE specific scripts for Mac OS X.

Nagios is a popular open source computer system and network monitoring software application. It watches hosts and services, alerting users when things go wrong and again when they get better. It can monitor Windows, Unix/Linux, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Services, Applications and more.

The NRPE addon is designed to allow you to execute Nagios plugins on remote Mac OS X machines.  The main reason for doing this is to allow Nagios to monitor "local" resources (like CPU load, memory usage, etc.) on remote machines.

Nagious Screenshot

Robert Yeo is an IT professional at the College of Fine Arts.  He handles the administration of CFA servers running OD, Xsan, Radmind, Nagios, Cacti, etc.  He also maintains all CFA lab hardware and software.

For more information about Nagios & NRPE, see the following web sites:

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