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    Netscape used to be the ONLY browser as far as I was concerned. So I think I was not alone in my despair at the sale of Netscape to AOL - many people I know joined me in saying "Oh, [expletive deleted]..." Today, bugs and instability persist despite numerous and frequent updates, and old versions of the browser continue to be "improved" as if to indicate the new versions aren't up to snuff either... As for Explorer, most people's balking at it can be summed up in a word: Microsoft. Presented here are three alternatives to the buggy bloatware that are Microsoft's and AOL's attempts at web browsing.

    Overview of TechSmith's screen capture product for mac.

    An overview of the latest, coolest, or most functional utility applications available for the Mac.

    Information about FileMaker Pro, an easy solution to many database needs.

    Foreign language translation aids have become increasingly important in today's world economy where accurate, cross-cultural communications is a necessity. While most assume that this need largely applies to the finance and business communities, it is also true of the rapidly expanding worlds of science, education, and technology. While the font packs and foreign alphanumeric keyboard settings available for most word processing applications and web browsers are more than sufficient for some, they are woefully inadequate others. Individuals working in highly specialized fields must be able to communicate complex or unique concepts to their colleagues. This is a relatively straight forward task if they have a working comprehension of the grammar, sentence structure, and colloquialisms characteristic of the desired language. If they do not have these skills, however, these individuals will require the use of translation aids that have a high degree of language proficiency built into them. Following an inquiry by a professor regarding the general availability of this kind of assistance, research was done to answer this question. These pages document the results of that research.

    An overview of Microsoft's Office Suite made exclusively for Mac OS X.

    Information about the venerable backup tool, now in its third decade.

    Learn how to use Apple's Find program and create custom tools for it.

    An overview of the versatile screen-capturing utility from Ambrosia Software.

    A list of software updates and information about the problems they fix.

    Richard will discuss & demonstrate the features of the collaborative text editor that allows you to share documents on a local (Rendezvous) or Internet network. It is a great tool to take group notes, collaborative projects, pair programming, and multiple other uses. It offers blockediting, ODB editor suite (remote file editing), and SubEthaEdit URLs.