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Information about the venerable backup tool, now in its third decade.

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    Retrospect 5 is one of the only full-service backup server packages available for both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X (and capable of backing up Windoze machines!). In many ways it is still undergoing development to make it fully operational within Mac OS X, but the groundwork is all there - it just needs some hammering out. EditMove Delete To give Dantz credit, Retrospect 5 has only worked with Mac OS X since v.10.1.2. Three minor upgrades and one major upgrade (i.e. Jaguar) later, Retrospect 5 is getting close to fruition. However, there are still plenty of issues to be aware of when considering an upgrade from Retrospect 4.x to 5.x, especially if you plan on running your Retrospect Server in OS X. I will discuss a few things to consider when upgrading from 4.x to 5.x, as well as give a brief overview of Retrospect's capabilities and the process of upgrading from 4.x to 5.x. Note that this overview is specific to Retrospect Server Backup for Macintosh - I do not discuss Retrospect Workgroup, Desktop, or Express.

    This presentation will give an overview of Retrospect 8 new features and experience using it at the Department of Pathology.

    The venerable backup tool, now in its third decade and published by EMC Insignia (original developer Dantz was acquired a few years back) has been revitalized in version 8, now shipping, with scores of features that bring it to reasonable parity with the Windows version of the applicaiton.

    To be notified by email that Retrospect 5.x or 6.x needs a tape change, you have to enable media request timeout. Media request timeout will cancel a backup. James will cover how we used Scripting UI with AppleScript to give use the functionality we wanted from Retrospect when it requests a tape. Like repeat the email to remind us periodiaclly (about one hour), not send emails at certain times (like late nights & weekends), and email us when the tape request dialog is taken care of.