Software and Updates - Aug 11, 1999

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-07-13 devin


A list of software updates and information about the problems they fix.

Apple PowerBook G3 series battery reset

Addresses a situation that may occur with some PowerBook G3 series computers in which the main battery won't charge, doesn't show up, or behaves in an unexpected way. The update includes the following software: PB G3 Battery Reset, an application you can use to reset your battery, if necessary. This update may not address all battery-related problems.

Note: This is not for new bronze PowerBooks.

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InterMapper 2.1.1 Update

InterMapper 2.1 monitors IP and AppleTalk intra- and inter-networks. InterMapper serves as an early-warning system: it reports outages, interface errors, and configuration changes by querying the routers of a network using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

This update contains many bug fixes. See read me for more details

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Apple MRJ 2.1.4

Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1.4 is Apple's implementation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), based on Sun Microsystems' Java 1.1.7 specification. MRJ allows you to run Java applications and applets. MRJ 2.1.4 makes many improvements over Apple's previous JVM, including greatly increased performance, improved reliability, and support for AppleScript and Sun's JFC/Swing. MRJ 2.1.4 also runs more applications and applets than earlier versions and now includes Apple Applet Runner.

Apple Macintosh Manager 1.0.1 Update

Macintosh Manager version 1.0.1 includes new Macintosh Manager client software that reduces the time required to log out. With Macintosh Manager 1.0.1, Network Assistant preferences are no longer deleted on non-NetBoot computers. Macintosh Manager version 1.0.1 also includes a new version of the Macintosh Manager administration application.

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DataViz MacLinkPlus 11

DataViz has shipped MacLinkPlus Deluxe 11 (US $99.95), the Mac-PC file translation utility for Macintosh. The new version adds translators for Microsoft Office for Windows and AppleWorks 5 Macintosh. (An upgrade price has not been announced.)

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Novell GroupWise client 5.2.7

This release corrects the following problems:
  • Calendar items would not display when downloaded to the remote client (59426).
  • Name completion would fail on resources and distribution lists (55729).
  • Nested public groups would display the parent group's name and not their own when editing the parent group (68280).
  • Users were unable to send to Internet addresses if the user addressing section and the Idomain section consisted of 6 or more total parts (68295).
  • The MTA was not able to convert certain Mac attachments when messages were sent to the GWIA using a foreign domain.

    Note: The change needed was in the way the client sent the attachments and not in the MTA's ability to convert them (55728).
  • Users were unable to access discussion items posted using a 5.5.1 32-bit client (54762).
  • Client would lock on exit if the archive path was set to an unmounted volume and auto-archive was activated (54766).
  • Scrolling one week at a time in the Week view would result in the display date jumping to an incorrect date under certain conditions (87064).
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Alsoft DiskWarrior 1.0.4

DiskWarrior 1.0.4 features the following enhancements:
  • The DiskWarrior Report now lists all files that were recovered.
  • DiskWarrior now allows you to save the report to the disk that was repaired after the directory is replaced in case there is no other disk on which to save the report.
  • DiskWarrior's AppleScript support has been improved.
  • DiskWarrior now puts recovered items in the Rescued Items folder for easy identification and testing.
  • For each file that DiskWarrior puts into the Damaged Items or Rescued Items folders, the Put Away folder setting is updated so that you can put the file back into its original enclosing folder after the file has been tested.
This updater updates versions 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 of DiskWarrior to version 1.0.4.

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Apple Font Manager Update 1.0

The Font Manager Update extension fixes the following problems in the Mac OS 8.6 Font Manager:

Corrupt FOND resources: Under certain circumstances, the Font Manager in Mac OS 8.6 may create a corrupt resource inside some applications or fonts. When this occurs, fonts with corrupted resources cannot be moved and some third-party font management tools may crash.
Bad character height: In Mac OS 8.6, the height of characters in Apple's Japanese and Traditional Chinese fonts is one pixel shorter than in Mac OS 8.5, leading to problems displaying, editing, or printing text.

IMPORTANT The Update prevents the Font Manager from creating corrupt FOND resources, and eliminates problems caused by these corrupt resources. However, the update will not correct or remove any previously corrupted resources. To repair damaged files on your computer or on disks that are connected to your computer, you must use the Font First Aid utility, included with this update.

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ATI Universal Installer 4.0.1

It installs software for ATI's Rage ORION, Nexus 128, Nexus GA, XCLAIM 3D PLUS, XCLAIM 3D, XCLAIM VR, XCLAIM TV and XCLAIM GA. It does not officially support the Rage 128 pre-installed in a G3/BW. I might fix a Apple Guide related crash.

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