SubEthaEdit Overview

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2014-01-23 richard

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Richard will discuss & demonstrate the features of the collaborative text editor that allows you to share documents on a local (Rendezvous) or Internet network. It is a great tool to take group notes, collaborative projects, pair programming, and multiple other uses. It offers blockediting, ODB editor suite (remote file editing), and SubEthaEdit URLs.

Table Of Contents
    Basic information about SubEthaEdit, its price, platform support, downloading, and typical uses.

    Explains how to share a document, how to change your participant icon, how to accept or deny participants, and how to unshare a document.

    Explains how to join a document that another SubEthaEdit user in your local network is sharing using Rendezvous or via the internet.

    Discusses various features of SubEthaEdit including Follow Participant, Blockediting, Syntax Highlighting, FTP Integration, HTML Preview, SubEthaEdit URL's, and Text Support.

    Tips and tricks for using SubEthaEdit over the internet behind a firewall.

    Discusses issues with SubEthaEdit regarding Dynamically Applying Prefs Modifications, Saving Shared Docs, Versioning, Focus, Granular Access Control, Blocking Participants, and problems opening a doc window.