By: Mikio Moriyasu - Revised: 2006-05-17 devin


A list of product vendors and advice on choosing a flash drive.


The sheer number of USB Flash Drive manufacturers is quite astounding. What is also unexpected is the general completeness of their respective product lines. The conventional wisdom would be that more established manufacturers would tend to produce a more reliable product. The larger capacity drives as well as more thorough security features, however, are not offered by these companies but rather by more recent entrants into the market. The following is a small list of USB Flash Drive manufacturers based on two independent product reviews at:

This list should in no way be viewed as an actual endorsement of the company or their products.
As with any piece of computer hardware, you should thoroughly research the product you are interested in. Online technical journals, customer feedback regarding a product, as well as the inventory of a reliable reseller should give you an idea of which products to examine more closely and which ones to avoid.

While the available "catalog" of information about USB Flash Drives is still limited, it is steadily growing. A patient and varied search using an internet search engine should yield results.