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By: Matt Klinke - Revised: 2009-05-11 richard

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Campus OIT Support & Apple Support by Seth Wanlass
In the past, support from OIT for issues related to Apple hardware and software has been problematic. It has been dependent upon the familiarity and availability of individual staff members who ranged in experience from everyday Apple users/tinkers down to casual Apple users. There has been very little actual expertise. As a result, functionality of hosted services for Apple computers has usually received a basic level of documentation, but getting support when things when wrong has been rather difficult. The ever growing presence of Apple computers and devices such as the iPhone on campus suggests that OIT needs to review its ability to address the needs of an important part of the campus community. We have a few ideas and we're interested in hearing what mac-managers has to say on the subject.

Seth Wanlass has been working on campus since 2001, first in the Department   of Human Genetics where he provided desktop support to both Windows (Windows NT and up) and Apple computers (OS 8.6 and up) and Windows server administration.  In 2004, he moved to OIT as part of the UMail team tasked with building an Exchange system for the entire  campus.  Last year, he was promoted to manager over both the UMail team and the NSC team.  He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (with an emphasis in Information Systems Management) from BYU and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Utah.

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