Grant Application Workaround

By: Joe Parsens - Revised: 2007-05-18 richard

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For anyone supporting users who apply for grants through

Recently some of our faculty have been experiencing problems using new electronic grant application submission associated with the website and I figured there are others on campus who may be supporting faculty facing the same problems so I thought I'd share our experience.

Users who are running Mac OS 10.4 on PPC Macs have not been able to run the IBM Workplace Forms Viewer (PureEdge) provided by the website since installing the April security update for 10.4.

Workaround instructions can be found on the website which include the step to copy and paste a shell script into the Mac OS X terminal.  The script assigns a couple of paths to the environment variable "DYDL_LIBRARY_PATH" that the IBM application depends on and then launches the IBM app.

The script as it appears the website is a little broken but I worked for me after fixing a syntax error (changed "exit 0=" to "exit=0").

For the sake of our faculty, I've created simple AppleScript (see attached) that does the same thing (sets the variable and launches the program.  So far, using this AppleScript to launch the viewer seems to be working for our faculty.

Uninstalling/reinstalling the IBM viewer software was necessary before this fix worked for some people.  The IBM software comes with an uninstall shell script which can be executed from the CLI, however since some may not be comfortable using the CLI, I also created an executable AppleScript which runs the uninstall shell script commands (also included in attachment).

You can download a DMG that also includes the raw AppleScript files.

Hopefully if any of your faculty have encountered similar problems with theI BM Workplace Forms Viewer Software, these little scripts can help them out.

The AppleScripts

IBM WFV Launcher.scpt
do shell script "/bin/bash -f
export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH="/Users/$USER/IBM Workplace Forms/IBM Workplace Forms$USER/IBM Workplace Forms/IBM Workplace Forms"
cd "/Users/$USER/IBM Workplace Forms"
open "IBM Workplace Forms" &

echo "To Open .xfd files Click the File menu then Open"
echo " You may close this window at any time, the Application will continue to run."


Uninstall IBM WFV.scpt
do shell script "/bin/sh

echo \"It will delete all components of IBM Workplace Forms Viewer in $HOME\"
echo \"\"

Workplace_Forms_Application=\"IBM Workplace Forms\"

echo \"Deleting the Pref file...\"
rm -rf \"$HOME\"/Library/Preferences/PureEdge/Viewer7.0
echo \"OK\"
echo \"\"

echo \"Deleting the ViewerCore.framework...\"
rm -rf \"$HOME\"/Library/Frameworks/ViewerCore.framework
echo \"OK\"
echo \"\"

echo \"Deleting the Workplace Forms Viewer Application...\"
rm -rf \"$HOME\"/\"$Workplace_Forms_Application\"
echo \"OK\"
echo \"\"

echo \"Deleting the Receiptes\"
rm -rf \"/Library/Receipts/MacViewer.pkg\"
echo \"OK\"
echo \"\"

echo \"Uninstallation completed\""

display dialog "Uninstallation Completed." buttons ["OK"]
if button returned of result is "OK" then
end if