San Francisco Pictures

By: Mike Kimball - Revised: 2006-06-20 devin

Downtown San Francisco

downtown SF
Pic taken from back seat of taxi, coming off I-80 at about 60MPH. Compare to buildings in the pic of the flags in front of Moscone South on the location notes page, to triangulate where this was...

I was very surprised to arrive to this, very fabulous weather. Wasn't what the weather channel web site told me to expect. Gave me a day to enjoy walking, visiting, getting oriented, all without the leather jacket.

Moscone Center

Moscone South
moscone south escalator
These escalators take you down to the exhibition floor.

Moscone Catwalk
moscone catwalk

City Hall

This is about a block down the street from the Days Inn.


Moscone South at sunrise
[Picure taken at 6:45am, before the Keynote.] Waiting in line to get in the keynote. This is Moscone South.

The Crowd

crowd before keynote
Pic taken in the concourse between Moscone North & South (under street level), 7:30am. Here you see the line of people waiting to get into the keynote. As we came in, the security guards were complaining about "the SNAFU with the line" - we discovered, this meant that they were arranging people in a serpentine queue. You see how some people are facing forward, and some back. They actually thought people would weave back and forth without ropes to force them to do so. Yeah right.

Corporate Buyers Alliance Lounge

CBA lounge
Pic taken in the CBA lounge, 11:30am (after keynote). If you answer the registration survey thoroughly (with the correct answers as to your organization's size and your buying power within it), you get the little ribbon "CBA" to put on your badge holder. It's also printed on your badge (a small "CBA" designation). One benefit is this lounge, where as you can see, you have room to sit, pull out the laptop, and get away from the crowd. They have airport stations that do DHCP, plus four iMacs in the room in case you didn't bring your own. (Speaking of which, DHCP was not working properly on the first day of the conference - eventually I tried hijacking the TCP/IP settings from one of the iMacs, so I could use Timbuktu Pro to control my work machine and read my mail - this didn't work right for long and eventually no networking at all was working correctly in the room. This was mysteriously fixed the next day ;)

Exhibition Floor

My comments from personal use of iTunes - it's the coolest thing to happen to music since I was in grade school and I learned how to record my own cassettes.

Maya looks totally cool - wish I had the money to play with it....

Other Sites

kurganPlanet Hollywood
This is the costume worn by Clancy Brown in the Highlander. My favorite character in that movie, actually (the Kurgan, not the Highlander).

california savingsCalifornia Savings
This pic was taken at the corner of Market and 4th, about 3pm Wednesday. You may recognize the building from the beginning of Interview with the Vampire. It was exciting to happen across it by accident, but to watch the movie later and know I'd been there was almost chilling ;)

Virgin Records
virgin records
This pic was taken at the corner of Market and 4th, about 3pm Wednesday. This is across the street from the California Savings building.

San Francisco Airport

This pic is from the concourse at SFO, Friday afternoon. Waiting to go home.