What's New - Nov 21, 2001

By: James Reynolds - Revised: 2006-10-19 devin


What's new for the Mac in the previous month:
  • General issues, workarounds and fixes
  • New Software and hardware
  • Software and hardware updates/patches

New Software

Adobe Illustrator 10.0 is Carbonized for both Mac OS 9 and OS X. Some of the new features include Symbols to create repeating graphics and keep file size small, vector and raster-based slicing, slice-by-slice optimization, enhanced Macromedia Flash (SWF) support, SVG import and enhanced export, editable SVG effects, selective type anti-aliasing and more.

Apple AirPort 2.0 Adds support for AOL, Cisco LEAP, and 128-bit encryption for newer hardware.

Apple Ethernet Update 2.0 consists of version 2.4.3 of the Apple Ethernet extension. This improves AppleShare connections in high-traffic network environments. When you use certain Mac OS 9 applications while connected to AppleShare volumes, disconnections can occur. You may see "TickleTimeout" disconnect messages in the Mac OS X Server 10 Apple File Service access log. The Apple Ethernet Extension 2.4.3 prevents these disconnections from occurring.

Apple Power Mac G4 Firmware Update 4.2.8 replaces the 4.1.9 update that was withdrawn shortly after its release due to a potential audio problem. The Power Mac G4 Firmware Update 4.2.8 will run only on Power Mac G4 and Macintosh Server G4 models with AGP graphics running Mac OS 9.1 or later from a local hard disk.

As with the previous update, this one "includes improvements to starting up Mac OS X from the local hard disk, FireWire target disk mode, network startup, gigabit networking (on systems with gigabit hardware), and system stability. This update also adds support for additional security options that allow the Open Firmware to be password-protected."

Apple iTunes 2.

Aladdin StuffIt Expander 6.5.1.

Aladdin StuffIt Lite 6.5.1.

Cleaner 5.1 is a streaming media authoring tool (for CD and DVD). This update adds support for the latest codecs from Sorenson Media, Real Systems, and Microsoft Windows Media. Enhancements include; 2-pass V BR support for Sorenson Video 3 Professional, support for RealSystem 8.5.1 (both platforms) and improved reading of .AVI sources, higher performance MPEG output.

Extension Overload 5.9.3 is a utility that reports information on extensions, control panels, CSMs and CMMs. This release adds over 150 new listings, more URLs and email addresses, better support for non-English systems, and an improved updating mechanism.

File Buddy 6.1.5 is an extensive desktop & file/folder editing & task tool.

File Freak 3.5.1 is a tool to list, open or move all your files based on dynamic search criteria. In this version indexing is much faster, it can detect application bundle versions, aliases are now intelligently weeded out during the search, searches over the network continue even if the network volume changes, and it fixes an application crash that could occur during indexing.

FileMaker Pro 5.5 Unlimited. The same database features found in FileMaker Pro 5.5, including two-way ODBC capabilities, record-level access privileges and more, are now available to publish data on the Web without any limitations on the number of users.

FoldersSynchronizer 2.2b13 is the latest version of this utility that synchronizes and backs-up files, folders and disks. This beta release was been updated/rebuilt entirely for better running on Mac OS X 10.1.

GraphicConverter 4.1. Major changes and fixes include: deleting files under Mac OS X works properly, TIFF import improved, new JPEG2000 support, BMP export, and many other bug fixes and changes.

MacGhostView 2.5.1 is a general purpose PostScript and PDF preview utility. This update is based on ghostscript 7.03, the behavior of the page navigation keys has been improved, and on OS X MacGhostView correctly remembers recently opened files across launches.

Mac OS X 10.1.1.

MacSSH 2.1fc2 is a Telnet client with SSH2 support, based on BetterTelnet. This release updated with lsh 1.3.4. (which adds X11 forwarding and aes256 encryption support) and GUSI 2.1.9. It fixes problems with the Apple menu and movable modal dialogs, ANSI colors, a crash in 'clear saved lines' when memory is full, and a problem clipping trailing spaces when copying several wrapped lines.

Netscape 6.2. Changes include improved autocomplete, better file management of different file types for downloads, a new address book tab, additional features for enterprise users, and stability improvements.

Office v. X is shipping.

Opera 5.0b4 is the latest release of this browser. Changes include major improvements such as a new installer, better AppleScript support, autofill in forms, new balloon help and a revised preference layout. The bookmarks are now searchable, and users can dock them as well.

OTTool 1.2.1 provides a synopsis of AppleTalk and IP config parameters in Open Transport. This update adds improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.1.

POPmonitor 1.1.1 lets you peek inside your mailbox and delete unwanted e-mail without the need to download those messages first. POPmonitor X 1.1.1 fixes a visual problem introduced by Mac OS X 10.1.

PowerUp PDF 1.1 allows you to make changes to PDF documents on-the-fly with tools integrated into the Acrobat interface that allow you to easily edit text and graphics and make other necessary changes.

PrintToPDF 2.3 creates simple PDF files from any application. This release allows PDF info to be save in the document in certain applications, plus it fixes bugs with MS Office and bookmarks in FileMaker Pro's multi-page layout.

REALbasic 3.5.2 has been released.

Revolution 1.1. Similar to hypercard, but more powerful. Develops for Classic, Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix. Education price: $250 for a 10 user license.

SnapperHead 4.5 sends screenshots to people who enter your IP address into a web browser. This release adds faster connections, the ability to upload in the background, and new tags for dynamic system info.

TattleTech 2.84b8 reports over 900 info items for system, hardware and peripherals. Changes include fixing the bad report of an incorrect test serial number, and it adds the color code for the original G4.

Thursby DAVE 3.1 is a Mac to PC file and print sharing software. This update adds long file name support (more than 31 characters) in OS 9 and OS 10.1 and support for files larger than 2 gigabytes with HFS+ volumes.

Timbuktu Pro 6.0.1. This release runs on Mac OS X 10.1, 10.0.4, and Mac OS 8.6/9.x. Changes include numerous bug fixes, the ability to upgrade the application without restarting, support for the recent OS X Security Update, support for Timbuktu event sound preferences, the load Timbuktu only when needed preference, and dynamic loading of drop-ins on OS 8.6/9.x. It can also send force quit events from OS 8.6/9.x Timbuktu guests to OS X Timbuktu hosts, and can be installed in the Classic environment without affecting your OS X installation of Timbuktu Pro.

4D Academic Standard Edition is now free. http://www.4d.com/academic to download. Academic Standard Edition is a full production version with no limitations.

OSL is doing a Filemaker Pro bulk purchase. Email by Nov. 28th.

Software Notes

4D Academic Standard Edition is now free. http://www.4d.com/academic to download. Academic Standard Edition is a full production version with no limitations.

OSL is doing a Filemaker Pro bulk purchase. Email by Nov. 28th.

Hardware News

Dual-processor servers.

$3799 retail
Dual 800MHz PowerPC G4
256K L2 & 2MB L3 per processor
80GB hard drive    

$4749 retail
Dual 800MHz PowerPC G4
256K L2 & 2MB L3 per processor
2 x 80GB hard drives


Mp3 player/External FireWire disk

  • 5-gig hard disk
  • FireWire port
  • 10 rechargeable battery (through FireWire cable or power adapter)
  • Headphone jack with neato headphones
  • 2.4 by 4 by 3/4 in
  • 6.5 ounces
  • 160 x 128 backlit LCD
  • 20 minute skip protection
  • Requires iTunes 2, which requires Mac OS 9.2.1 or Mac OS X 10.1
  • $399 retail

AirPort Base Station 2

Price $299 retail - $269 education

New features:
  • Compatible with AOL
  • 10BASE-T port for WAN - DSL or cable modem
  • 10/100BASE-T port for LAN
  • 128-bit encryption (this does not fix 802.11b weakness)
  • Supports up to 50 users
  • Cisco LEAP client support

The Register quotes some impressive (albeit unconfirmed) statistics regarding the forthcoming G5 chip from IBM.

Retail News

Apple "posted a net profit of $66 million" - Read more.

Apple and Dell the only computer companies making money. Why? Read more.

A few sketchy items concerning Mac Expo 2001 (Nov. 22-24) - Read more.


Ziff Davis Media, which publishes magazines Yahoo Internet Life, Electronic Gaming Monthly, PC Magazine, and 8 others, accidentally posted the personal information of about 12,500 magazine subscribers on its website. Time to get a new credit card... Read more.

"In the rush to be e-appealing for e-business they e-screw up time and time again." To see a list of companies who gave "e-screwed" up, click here (the government and Microsoft are both on the list, but Apple is not).

"'Shrek' excludes the Mac from the DVD-ROM content on the disk." Not sure how much is excluded. Apple will not release the DVD Player API.

Also, Twentieth Century Fox opted not to include Mac support for the Phantom Menace DVD. So it might play, it might not. Read more - Read more

SuperDrive slower on QuickSilver G4? Read more

FBI plans on working with router manufactures and significant ISP's to install packet sniffers (This would be "OK" for all of us law abiders, as long as the FBI's sniffers don't get hacked, but bye-bye privacy...). Read more

Microsoft's music anti-piracy software hacked (digital rights management--DRM). Microsoft knew this would happen and built in the ability to update it. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) would make it illegal to make or distribute software that hacks anti-piracy software. Read more

Getting Email spam? Just search www.google.com for your email address, and now you know why.

Apple being sued for racial discrimination. Read more

Windows XP

Joy of Tech commentary.

From the Chicago Tribune: "With the arrival of Windows XP, Microsoft's superb new personal computer operating system, there rarely has been a more appropriate time to consider dumping Bill Gates' enormously popular world of Windows and moving over to the Macintosh minority." Read More.

MSN Shutout

Opera web browser couldn't view MSN sites for a period. Opera Software claims this is another Microsoft attack against them. Microsoft blames Opera then says it was an accident. Read More, Read More.

Cool Stuff

http://www.macmgr.com/ adds link to our webpage!

Maya on the Mac seminar on Dec. 5th from 6 pm to 9pm at the Marriott Hotel. For more information and to register, click here.

iDisk now contains royalty free music clips located at "iDisk:Software:Mac OS X Software:Extras:FreePlay Music". There is about 1.36 Gigs and the clips come in many lengths. Use them with iMovie! - http://itools.mac.com/

fink.sourceforge.net wants to port every Unix app to OS X. Check it out for an impressive list of apps.

802.11g tentatively approved. Speeds up to 54 mbps. It is compatible with 802.11b, which is what Apple uses. Read more.

Walt Disney World in Florida has wireless network. Read more

P4 and G4 compared. Article 1, Article 2.

MacSpeedZone compares Mac OS 9 in Classic compared to running natively. Summary: Native is most of the time faster, but in some cases Classic is faster (especially startup time).

Barefeats compares the latest Ti PowerBook and iBook to the previous models. Summary: New Ti PB G4 fastest in most areas, new iBook fastest in some areas.

Learn how to use PGP. Click here.


Joy of Tech:
  • Megahertz Myth 1
  • Megahertz Myth 2
  • Megahertz Myth 3
  • Megahertz Myth 4
  • Megahertz Myth 5
  • Megahertz Myth 6
  • Megahertz Myth 7
  • Apple's new product 1
  • Microsoft's new product
  • Halloween
  • Apple's new product 2
  • iMovie
  • OS X feature
  • Geek tour
  • Billy Gates and the Wizard of Windows

WebObjects Class

We are pursing hosting a WebObjects class taught by Apple's iServices. We are trying to see if Benefits will pay half the cost. In addition, if we can get 30 people to attend, the price will be very small. Also, if we can get 30 people on campus (or within the state) using WebObjects (in addition to the few already using it), it will be easier to support and develop WebObjects applications. It will be easier to convince department heads because they are not relying on one person.

Can anyone say for certain that they would attend a class? Please contact us here.