What's New - Dec 20th, 2006

By: Tony Sams - Revised: 2007-01-19 rebecca

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What's new for the Mac in the previous month:
  • General issues, workarounds and fixes
  • New Software and hardware
  • Software and hardware updates/patches

Notable Updates

Aperture 1.5.2
  • What’s New in this Version
  • Aperture 1.5.2 addresses issues related to overall reliability and performance in a number of areas, including:
    • Contact Sheet Printing
    • Smart Albums
    • Watermarks
    • Lift and stamp
    • Image export
    • Versions created using an external editor
Apple Remote Desktop 3.1 Client
  • The 3.1 client update is recommended for all users and addresses numerous issues related to overall reliability, usability and compatibility.
VersionTracker Pro 4.2.2 
  • Universal Application - VersionTracker Pro now runs natively on both Power PC and Intel-based Macintosh computers.
  • Fix for slow scan speed sometimes experienced at launch

Marratech 6.1
  • New audio engine:
    • Echo Concellation
  • Video Improvements
    • H.264
  • General Improvements:
    • Popup menus are now activated on right click (video, participants and chat panel)
  • Newer Moderation Controls
  • Bug Fixes
Acrobat Reader 8
  • Cool new interface!
  • Collaboration - Start meeting with Acrobat Connect(Breeze), RSS review tracker
  • New Viewing Options - Reading mode, pan & zoom, loupe tools, hide page gaps
  • New ways to work with PDF files - PDF Packages
Skype Beta
  • Send SMS messages to your friends from Skype.
  • Reach your friends instantly whether they are offline or on the move.
  • Talk with up to ten people for free with Skype conference calls.

Google Earth 4.0.2694
  • Track Santa's flight across the world.
  • Ready to find some toys? Santa has hidden a treasure trove of presents somewhere in Google Earth. Every day from December 12th until Christmas Eve, a clue will appear outside Santa's North Pole workshop which, if you can solve it, will lead you to a toy hidden in a Google Earth satellite image. And every day, the location of the previous day's toy will be revealed.
Feeder 1.3.9
  • Updated the iTunes preview to match changes after iTunes 7.
  • Feeder now respects different image resolutions in the iTunes preview and artwork boxes.
  • Fixed a problem where the servers pop-up menu wouldn't update in the Publish and Publish Settings sheets.
  • Fixed a problem where a new server password wouldn't be used until Feeder was restarted.
Opera 9.10

  • Real-time Fraud Protection: Opera's advanced fraud protection protects you against web sites that try to steal your personal information.
  • Widgets: Small Web applications (multimedia, newsfeeds, games and more) that make your desktop experience more fun. Use the Widgets menu to discover new widgets and access your favorites.

New Hardware

  • Will Apple launch a MVNO with intro of iPhone? 
  • The phone may cost $599 for the 4GB model and a whopping $649 for the 8GB version.

Apple News

Macworld Conference and Expo
  • January 8th-12th
  • Moscone Center "SAN FRAN"


PowerBooks, iBooks falling asleep without warning:
  • Panther the culprit in most cases Most reports indicate that the problem started happening with Mac OS X 10.3.0, though for a number of users, it only started with one of the incremental Mac OS X 10.3.x updates - primarily Mac OS X 10.3.3. A significant portion of readers also report the problem in Mac OS X 10.2.x - primarily Mac OS X 10.2.8.

Tip of the Month

The One-Click Trick to Moving the Dock
  • Hold the shift key, click directly on the Dock’s divider line (on the far right side of the Dock), and drag the Dock to the left or right side of your screen. Bam! It moves over to the side.

Widget of the Month

Utility of the Month

Text Parrot 1.0
  • TextParrot is a multilingual speech solution for Mac OS X that allows you to listen to your documents with naturally sounding voices in a language of choice.
  • Or use it to create your own personal podcasts or your own audio books by exporting to iPod ready iTunes tracks.
  • Or just use it to speak selected text in a handy reader window with play, fast forward and rewind functionality.
  • It even allows you to listen to text by just pointing your cursor at the text as you sit back and relax while TextParrot reads the text under the cursor.  


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