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Likewise by Joshua McClintock, Likewise

Likewise Enterprise provides seamless integration of Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X systems with Microsoft Active Directory. From 50 to 50,000 systems, Likewise Enterprise unifies mixed networks and mixed identity management systems and allows your organization to standardize on Microsoft Active Directory without reducing your choice in operating systems and solutions. On Likewise provides: (i) Active Directory authentication for Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X, (ii) Dual Factor Authentication like Smart Card based cryptography encryption in addition to password-based authentication, (iii) Group Policy-Based Management, supports more than 50 policies for Security, Authentication and Identification, Logon, Display, Message, Logging and Audit, File System, and Tasks, (iv) Directory Migration, automatically map UIDs and GIDs to users and groups defined in active directory by importing Linux, Unix, and Mac OS password and group files, (v) Reporting and Auditing Tools and (vi) Single Sign On for Enterprise Applications, enables Single Sign-On (SSO) for any enterprise application that supports Kerberos or LDAP, including Samba, Apache, SSH, NFS, Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat, SAP, Oracle, and MySQL.

The presentation will consist of (2) introductory slides explaining the company and our two solutions: Likewise Open and Likewise Enterprise. The technical portion will show a live demo of AD MAC integration including how we enable and map users, extend GPO's and show reporting. If there is time left we will have a Q&A session.

Joshua McClintock isa Sales Engineer / Technical Consultant, Primarily Pre-Sales, Windows and UNIX background, RHCE

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