Mac OS 9.2.2 Update Overview

By: Mike Kimball - Revised: 2006-07-13 devin


An overview of Mac OS 9.2.2, what's updated, and installation issues.

General info

  • Released: December 5, 2001
  • Download size: 22MB (installs about 32MB of updated items)
  • What's new: "Improves Classic application compatibility in Mac OS X and delivers updated support for Mac systems that are based on the PowerPC G3 or G4" (
  • Apple Documentation: a bit sparse, even the Knowledge Base article for the update makes no mention of what is new or fixed (see, [link dead] for more info).
  • Installer log: located in Documents:Installer Logs:Mac OS 9.2.2 - the log is rather informative (including "did not install because..." lines).

What's updated

  • Classic, Classic UI, Mac OS ROM, System, System Resources, etc.
  • AppleScript extension & Standard Additions scripting addition.
  • ATI/nVIDIA drivers, OpenGL, DrawSprocketLib.
  • Apple Enet, AppleShare, OpenTransport.
  • Firewire Enabler/Support, SDAP Authoring Support, Authoring Support Files.
  • USB Software Locator/Device Extension.
  • Consult the Installation Log for a complete list.

Install issues

  • Apparent conflict with HDT: Hard Disk ToolKit 4.5 - formatted drives may crash or not be bootable in Startup Disk. Workaround - downgrade the root System files (Mac OS ROM, Classic, etc) to 9.2.1 versions.
  • nVIDIA and monitor resolution: new nVIDIA drivers may be incompatible with GeForce3 cards and force 640x480 resolution and/or 70 Hz or less. Workaround - trashing Display Prefs only works until restart; so downgrade the nVIDIA drivers to 2.3 (OS 9.2.1 versions).
  • Other reports (partial confirmation): FireWire drives not recognized, Claris Emailer conflicts, AppleScript problems... See for more info.


  • Macfixit archive: December 7 - Troubleshooting Mac OS 9.2.2 (link dead)
  • Macfixit report: Troubleshooting OS 9.2.x (link dead)