Mac OS 9.1 Overview

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-15 devin


An overview of the new features, bug-fixes, requirements, issues, and incompatibilites of Mac OS 9.1.

Table Of Contents
    Overall Mac OS 9.1 appears to be a worthwhile update. Mac OS 9.1 fixes many bugs in previous versions of Mac OS 9 and improves the overall speed and stability. What problems that do exist are mostly minor or involve conflicts with third-party software. Mac OS 9.1 will be required on new Macs and with the final release of Mac OS X. So, in the long-term you may have no choice about upgrading. Mac OS 9.1 was released on Tuesday, January 9th as a free multi-part download. The original download contained 15 parts for a total of over 70MB. Previous problems with the link not working, or being unable to get through, have been resolved.

    A list of items included with the full install and notable installation issues with OS 9.1.

    Notable new features and improvements in Mac OS 9.1.

    Notable bug fixes in Mac OS 9.1.

    Notable issues, problems, and conflicts with Mac OS 9.1.

    A list of Apple and third party software updates.