By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-14 devin


Notable issues, problems, and conflicts with Mac OS 9.1.

AppleScript - Mount Volume uses Keychain

As of AppleScript 1.5 and later, the 'mount volume' scripting addition will look in the Keychain to see if there is a password for the requested server. So, if you use AppleScript to mount server volumes under Mac OS 9.1, you will need the following Keychain extensions installed:
  • Security Library
  • Security Manager
  • Security Policy Module
  • Security Storage Module
  • Security Cert Module

After Dark

The After Dark screensaver will not work in Mac OS 9.1. See MacFixItForums thread for details. (link dead)

Iomega - DOS Format Option

If the disk is PC (DOS) formatted, they will be able to use the Standard erase function. Highlight the Iomega Disk Select Special, Erase Disk.

If the disk was PC formatted, it will reformat using the PC format.

If the disk is Mac formatted, Mac OS 9.1 will not allow the disk to be reformatted to PC format. However, it is possible to replace the version of File Exchange on the Mac with an older version, allowing the format to proceed.

In Mac OS 9.1,the DOS format is not available unless you downgrade the File Exchange Control Panel.

Finder - Bug opens instead of selecting items

With two Finder windows open. The active window (i.e., Window One) should be in List view and contain at least one folder. Click on the disclosing triangle to get the contents of the contained folder to display. Now immediately single click on one of the icons (i.e. Graphing Calculator) in the second window. The click will most likely act as a double-click and the item will be opened instead of simply selected.

If you click the disclosure triangle for the "Stuff" folder in window "Window One". Then single click on application"Graphing Calculator" in window "Window Two", Graphing Calculator will launch instead of being selected.

UMAX Scanners

Some people have had problems getting a UMAX scanner to work after updating to Mac OS 9.1. The VistaScan 3.5.1 fixed problems for most people.

More Issues, conflicts, and problems

For more information about Mac OS 9.1 issues, I would recommend the following web sites: