What's Fixed?

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-14 devin


Notable bug fixes in Mac OS 9.1.

The temporary items folder bug

In Mac OS 9, there is an invisible folder named Temporary Items that applications can use to store temporary files. For example, a graphics application can save changes to an image as temporary files so that the user can undo, or revert back to previous changes. Normally, these temporary files are deleted when the user quits the application.

If, however, the pointer "freezes" or the computer does not respond, the Finder moves any files in the Temporary Items folder to a Rescued Items folder in the Trash when the computer restarts. You can look in this folder for any items you wish to recover, or you can empty the Trash to recover the disk space.

With Mac OS 9.0.x, the Finder does not move files from the Temporary Items folder to the Trash. This can result in a noticeable loss of available space depending on how large the files are. This situation is expected to be corrected in the next major release of the Finder.

This bug is fixed in Mac OS 9.1.

The print window command bug

Icons and text may be clipped or simply not printed, when printing many items using the Finder's Print Window command. This may occur from all view options: Icons, Buttons, and List.

This bug is fixed in Mac OS 9.1.

The File Synchronization/custom folder icon bug

An alert box appears with an error message that says: "Out of Memory", and the system stops responding. This happens when you use the File Synchronization control panel at the same time a dialog box is on the screen, and one of the folders you're synchronizing has a custom icon. For example, you've opened Preferences from the Edit menu while synchronizing a folder with a custom icon and this error occurs.

This bug is fixed in Mac OS 9.1.

The Apple Pro Keyboard volume keys bug

This bug is fixed in Mac OS 9.1.

Miscellaneous Fixes (from MacFixIt site)

Sonnet Crescendo
Sonnet freeze fixed We previously posted an article describing a "Sonnet Crescendo freeze on a PowerBook 1400." Sonnet Said that Mac OS 9.1 would fix it. This MacFixIt Forums posting says that OS 9.1 did indeed fix it - mostly.

DVD Player
The DVD Player no longer displays two different shades of black if the video is an extremely wide screen format. Before the update if video was played at an even wider screen format than the standard wide screen format, really dark black bands next to almost black bands next to the video were displayed. Now only the lighter color is used outside the letterboxed video."

It got rid of a series of annoying sleep-related problems on my PowerBook - especially with external FireWire HD attached. A MacFixIt Forums thread suggests Mac OS 9.1 fixed a "deep sleep" problem with Power Mac G4's.

The problem where 32-bit icons would display in 8-bit colors has been fixed.

Shut Down Items Folder
The Shut Down Items Folder glitch fixed. The Shut Down Items Folder glitch (where the items ran even if you started up with Extensions Off) has been fixed in Mac OS 9.1.

File Sharing stall
File Sharing stall fixed in Mac OS 9.1 At least on my PowerBook, Mac OS 9.1 has eliminated that very annoying long delay when opening the File Sharing control panel in certain situations.