iSight: iPatch Security Frame

By: Mikio Moriyasu - Revised: 2006-06-22 devin

Prior to their deployment in the Marriott Library Multimedia Center, the new iSight video conferencing cameras had to be secured against theft and tampering.

The main focus was to find a way to secure the cylindrical devices to the workstation without negatively affecting the operation of the camera, it's built-in microphone, or it's gimbaled mount. The final security solution also could not be invasively attached to the camera for the same reason. Because it is not designed for use in an open lab setting, the iSight does not possess any built-in protection against theft or damage. In addition, it is a relatively new device so there are almost no available third-party security or protection options for it.

As a result, we commissioned the University of Utah Machine Shop, who also constructed our iMac Security Frames, to construct the "iPatch"- a two piece, lightweight open security frame that "wraps" around the iSight cylinder.

The two haves are secured together using 3/32" uncoated aircraft cable which is then crimped locked together. The loop on the other end of this cable is then secured to the main security chain for the workstation.

The plastic base for the camera and its FireWire cable is secured using the same aircraft cables and crimp ferrules. Unfortunately, holes in the base must be drilled out in order to accept the cable. The location of the holes does not compromise the base's overall strength.

This solution achieves the goal of securing the iSight to the workstation without affecting its audio and video qualities. The open frame design does not obscure either the lens or the microphone and it does not interfere with the rotating mount. The frame also achieves the goal of securing the iSight "non-invasively" as no damaging physical modifications are needed to attach the frame.