Virus Protection for Mac OS X

Revised: 2006-07-18 devin


Overviews of various anti-virus software for Mac OS X.

Table Of Contents
    Virus protection is always a concern for system administrators. This is especially true for Mac Managers with now that the Mac OS is not quite as virus proof as it once was. Robert has been testing the effectiveness of Virex, Norton Anti-Virus, and Intego Virus Barrier X and will present his findings. He will also discuss his analysis of the installation, operation and features of each product.

    For Mac OS X, there hasn't officially be a native virus and the previous OS, Mac OS 9, there have been relatively few in comparison to Windows. The current need for virus protection in Mac OS X is more being a good neighbor to your PC, than protecting your Mac OS X from viruses. There are multiple options for virus protection, on Mac OS X client, like clamXav, Norton AntiVirus, Sophos Anti-Virus, Virex, and VirusBarrier. Dan will discuss his departments research and testing of anti-virus software for Mac OS X.