Espionage for Mac OS X

By: Greg Slepak, Tao Effect - Revised: 2010-06-13 Scott

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Espionage by Greg Slepak, Developer, Tao Effect
Espionage is a new user-friendly tool for Mac OS X that allows users to interact with encrypted and password protected folders. This talk will introduce Espionage and will provide an in-depth discussion of its inner workings and will cover some of its edge-use cases.
Greg Slepak is the author of Espionage, a folder encryption tool for Mac OS X. He has a diverse programming background that includes authoring a High Level Planner for an autonomous vehicle at the University of Florida, as well as significant contributions to various open source projects like the Dragonfly Web Framework for newLISP.

For more information on Espionage, see this web site...