By: Tim Jones - Revised: 2014-01-22 richard


BRU by Tim Jones - CTO TOLIS Group
This presentation was an in-depth  interactive discussion of Bru. Since the release of Mac OS X, BRU has become the standard of reliable Mac OS X data backup and restore.  This interactive demonstration shared technical insights into BRU's support of Mac OS X as well as other platforms in networked system environments.

This was a remote presentation by Tim Jones, who is president and CTO, TOLIS Group.

Tim Jones is the president and CTO of TOLIS Group, Inc., the developer of the BRUT brand of data backup and recovery software that has supported UNIX-core systems since 1985.  Tim's 20-year tenure in the data storage and backup industry includes product management positions at Maynard, Archive Corporation and Conner Peripherals.  Prior to driving the creation of TOLIS Group, Tim was the VP of Development at Enhanced Software Technologies, and Director of Research & Development for EBIZ Enterprises.  Tim is expert in all facets of data protection and presents material in a makes-sense and engaging style.

Bru Setup Window