Casper Suite 8.0 - Mobile Device Management

By: Ben Graham, JAMF Software. Revised by 2011-4-19 Chen

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Casper Suite 8.0 - Mobile Device Management by

The Casper Suite from JAMF Software has been a leader in Mac OS X client management. JAMF's latest release, Casper Suite 8.0, adds comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) capabilities for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. Administrators can now manage iOS devices using the same console they use to manage their Macs, benefitting from deep integration with the Apple ecosystem while leveraging their existing technology. In this live demo, JAMF Systems Engineer Ben Graham will show how the Casper Suite can inventory, secure, manage configuration profiles and assist with app distribution for iOS devices.

Ben Graham is an experienced Mac systems administrator who worked in the enterprise setting for many years before joining JAMF Software as a Systems Engineer in 2008.