Xgrid Presentation

By: James Reynolds - Revised: 2014-01-22 richard

Download Slides – PDF-File, 5.0 MB


James Reynolds gave this Xgrid presentation at the February U of U's Mac Managers Meeting. James will demonstrate how easy it is to install, configure, and secure Xgrid. Better yet, James show Xgrid at work by rendering state of the art graphics using POV-Ray.

Table Of Contents
    Learn the basics of Xgrid including parallel vs. serial tasks, Xgrid plumbing, security, and components, and details about Xgrid's agent, controller, and client.

    Learn how to install Xgrid, how to set up an agent, controller, and client, and how to run an Xgrid job.

    Learn about custom plug-ins including how to create a custom plug-in and examples of custom plug-ins.

    Learn how to use the POV-Ray benchmark with Xgrid.