Learning AppleScript

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-05-26 david


AppleScript is one of the "under-utilized" and often "unknown" of Apple's technologies. Often users and managers believe AppleScript is only useful for publishing software (i.e. Photoshop, QuarkXPress, etc.), In reality, has much more potential. We use it extensively in managing a group of Mac's, servers, remotely management/control, etc.

The following pages give you information, suggestions and tips about learning AppleScript.

Table Of Contents
    Information about The Script Editor and the script, event log, result, and dictionary windows.

    The first obvious step to learn AppleScript is experimenting with scriptable and recordable applications and trying some scripts. A great method of learning AppleScript syntax, is using a recordable application and record actions.

    Many scripting tutorials are available.

    A list of good books for learning AppleScript.

    A list of useful websites for learning AppleScript.

    A list of mailing lists related to writing scripts in AppleScript.