The Script Editor

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-07 devin


Information about The Script Editor and the script, event log, result, and dictionary windows.

Script Editor

Script Editor is the primary application that creates, edits, compiles, and saves AppleScript scripts. It allows coding scripts manually, and also features a record button that automatically codes script as the user performs actions that the script is expected to reproduce. Script Editor is included for free with every version of Mac OS from 7.1 through Mac OS 9.1 (it is installed in Apple Extras:AppleScript).

There are other AppleScript Editing applications, that offer more functionality & features than Script Editor, but to start learning & using Applescript, Script Editor more than meets the need for most users.

Alternative AppleScript Editors:

Smile 1.7.5
Smile is both an AppleScript editor for beginners, and an integrated environment for AppleScript developers. Smile is scriptable, attachable (its objects have scripts), recordable, and factored (internally scripted).

Script Debugger 2.0.3
Script Debugger is a complete replacement for Apple's Script Editor. It offers no limit on script size as well as powerful editing, debugging and dictionary tools..

Scripter 2.5
Scripter has always been the serious choice for professionals, novices, webmasters, and solutions providers alike: the most powerful, the most feature-packed, and at the same time, the easiest to use.

Script Window

The script window is where you create scripts by typing script statements or recording actions in a recordable application.The Script Editor will compile scripts and test for syntax errors whenever click the "Check Syntax" button. Click the "Run" button to excute your script from the Script Editor.

The Script Editor's Script Window

Event Log Window

The Event Log window, displays all events and results generated by a running script, which makes it useful for debugging scripts.

Event Log Window

Result Window

The Result window displays the results of the last event.

Result Window

Dictionary Window

Dictionaries can provide help with proper syntax and teach you an application's script statements, events, and objects. You can open dictionaries of supported applications or scripting addition in the Script Editor.

The Dictionary Window