Web Sites

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-08 devin


A list of useful websites for learning AppleScript.

Web Sites

Apple Computer's AppleScript Site
Recently this site has been updated extensivly. There are many new examples and there is extensive information covering scripting changes made in MacOS 8 and 9.

This MacScripter.net site is a great AppleScript site. It opened on September 30, 1999 as bbs.applescript.net. Changed its name to "MacScripters.netw" and offers new content and weekly news updates every Monday, along with user-contributed scripts, a bulletin board and feature articles. It also houses the MacScripter's Magazine, a free e-zine in multimedia format covering AppleScript.

The AppleScript SourceBook
The "AppleScript SourceBook" is a good AppleScript site. The site is maintained by Bill Cheeseman's and dedicated to AppleScript news and information.

ScriptWeb offers a vast array of links and information about scripting and AppleScript. At times the information gets a little dated, but its a very good place to start. ScriptWeb attempts to provide links to every web and ftp site having anything to do with Apple events and scripting. ScriptWeb is searchable through the Scripting Links Database, and a Sherlock plug-in is available to search the ScriptWeb site.

GAEA Archive
The GAEA archive contains a large collection of AppleScript related software, including Scripting Additions, scriptable applications and utilities and other useful tools.

This site also archives the MacScripting mailing list. This mailing list covers a wide range of topics relating to scripting the Macintosh. The focus is generally on AppleScript, but there is also some Frontier and MacPerl traffic.

The biggest osaxen database on the web. If you need to find a scripting addition, etc. this is the place to look.