By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-07-03 devin


There are many resources available for learning AppleScript.

Web Overviews/Tutorials

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What is AppleScript?

This is a overview from Apple, it gives basic information about AppleScript. What it is, how it works, how it can make you money.

Beginning Tutorial
This is a tutorial from Apple, it gives basic information about AppleScript. The first step in learning Applescript.

Bill Briggs' AppleScript Primers
This is a MacCentral Online column written by Bill Briggs' with is an excellent tutorials for beginners to experienced AppleScripters.

AppleScript Language Guide
This is Apples Technical language reference for developers.

How to Write AppleScripts
A good turorial by Steve Harris of BNet

MacWarrior's AppleScript Workshop
A good site with tutorials on writing scripts

Multimedai Tutorials

AppleScript GuideBook
The AppleScript GuideBook users the features of the Mac OS Help Center to display information and interact with you via scripts embedded in the hypertext links. You must have Mac OS 8.6 or higher installed to use these tools.

Most of the modules include example scripts as embedded hypertext links in the module pages. A click on these links will automatically place the example script on the clipboard of the Script Editor for you paste into your scripts.

Once you have the AppleScript GuideBook modules installed. You can access them through "Help Center" from the "Help" menu.

The Help Center Window

Then click on the "AppleScript Guidebook" link.

The AppleScript Guidebook Window

As of Dec. 18th the following modules are available:
  • Beginner's Tutorial
  • Basics: Communicating with the User
  • Desktop Printing
  • Current Date OSAX
  • Users & Group
  • Open Transport (Networking)
  • Help Viewer
  • Essential Sub-routines
  • Program Linking over IP
  • Scripting Speech
  • URL Access Scripting

MacScripter's Magazine
MacScripter's Magazine is a free e-zine in a multimedia format. This format allows for a visually attractive, easy to follow, hands-on introduction to AppleScript.

MacScripter's Magazine Window

Currently, there are three MacScripter's Magazines; Fall, Summer and Spring issues.

Spring Issue
In the summer issue they will introduce some basic principles of AppleScript.

To download the Spring Issue, click here.

Summer Issue
In the summer issue they show you how to communicate with a script, and how to select a file or folder with a cool dialog window. In addition, they will teach you how to try without failure. You will end up with two useful scripts and the knowledge how to modify them to your hearts delight.

To download the Summer Issue, click here.

Fall Issue
In the Fall issue of Macscripter's Magazine they discuss more aspects of the simple yet powerful scripting language (Applescript) that any Macintosh user may benefit from. In this issue you will start scripting another application and show some examples that will actually allow you to create a Web Page document. There is also a lot of user interaction contained within this issue that will help you learn different techniques in AppleScripting.

To download the Fall Issue, click here.

To get more details or to download the latest MacScripter's Magazine, click here.