Aqua Connect Terminal Service

By: Joseph Cohen, CTO Aqua Connect - Revised: 2014-01-23 richard

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Aqua Connect Terminal Service - by Joseph Cohen, CTO Aqua Connect
Aqua Connect is the leader for the Mac terminal server. The Aqua Connect Terminal Server delivers the Mac OS X experience to diverse hardware, software platforms and mobile devices including older Macintosh systems, PC hardware, smart phones and other thin clients.

Once installed on an adequately configured Mac OS X server, networked computers and mobile devices can simply log into the server as if connected directly to the server’s console and run Mac OS X-based applications installed on the server. Users can connect remotely and run applications while other users may also be connected with their respective sessions and environments fully isolated from one another.

Joseph Cohen, CTO of Aqua Connectpresented on benefits and uses of terminal server to Mac platform, installation & use of Aqua Connect Terminal Server, utilization of administration console and Q&A.

Joseph Cohen brings formidable education and expertise, as well as a passion for technical innovation, to the marketplace. Cohen embraced technology at an early age, earning his Novel CNE certification at age14 and receiving his Microsoft certification at 15. In 1996, Cohen founded computing, networking, and telecommunications consulting businesses. His previous clients include: Smith Barney, Healthcare Partners, and Cox Communications. Cohen's company also performed key product testing and development for Microsoft, Inc. and Novell, Inc.While working with Novell, Cohen helped to refine the Netware Directory Services software, which was later renamed E Directory Services (EDIR). He also was a part of the group that did testing,deployment and refinement of Microsoft Exchange 4.0, Microsoft WindowsNT 4.0, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server and Microsoft Windows95.  In 2005, Cohen founded Band-UX. One year later, Cohen founded Steelcape, a network security solution provider. He is the past Vice President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Network Professionals Association (NPA). Cohen has been widely published in various professional journals.

For more information about Aqua Connect Terminal Service, see the following web site.

Aqua Connect Terminal Server