Network Trash Folder Overview

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-22 devin


An overview of the issues, and workarounds for the "Network Trash Folder" on ASIP file servers.

What is the Network Trash Folder?

When file sharing is turned on, or a file server is running, an invisible folder is created on the server called the Network Trash Folder. When a client logs into the server and deletes a file from the server, a folder is created inside the network trash folder (called Trash #1). Any subsequent user who deletes a file from the server, will cause a new file to be created (called Trash #2), and so on. There can be any amount of these folders depending on how many logged in users have items in the trash from the server.

When the user empties the trash on the client machine, the folder is deleted and those items will no longer remain on the server. In the AppleShare Admin program, the administrator has the option to empty the network trash. This option exists because any user who trashes something on the server, then crashes before trash is emptied, will cause those deleted items to be persistent in the network trash folder.

Once the session is terminated, that user has no control over any item that was left in the trash. The administrator can clear out any of these persistent trashed items by emptying the network trash. If a user has trashed a file from the server and logs off from the server gracefully, the finder will put up a dialog saying that all items in the network trash will be deleted.


The following aces can be caused by the build up of "items" in the "Network Trash Folder":

Drives are slowly running out of space on them.
Long delays after mounting a sharepoint
ASIP server crashes every X days.

I was experiencing the "Network Trash Folder" build up on a ASIP 6.3.2 file server which would cause first cause long delays in mounting sharepoints, then would crash the server every 3 to 4 days.

After setting up a schedule to remove the "build up" items daily using AppleScript I have not had any problems with the file server 8-)

If you are experiencing the above issues on your ASIP file server you might emptying the "Network Trash Folder". If that does not work see other suggestions on the ASIP Black Magic page.

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There are three workarounds to the issue of the "build up" of items in the "Network Trash Folder" on share points. See the Table of Contents below for information about each workaround.