Manually Empty the Items in the Network Trash Folder

By: Richard Glaser - Revised: 2006-06-22 devin

To manually empty the items from the "Network Trash Folder" on each of the sharepoints:

On the file server use a resource editor. to make it visible using Get File/Folder info, then delete its contents.

There are many resource editors that can do the job (i.e. ResEdit [link dead], Resorcerer [link dead], File Buddy, FileTyper, etc.), but for the example here we will use ResEdit.

ResEdit Small IconTo download ResEdit application with examples, click here.
Acrobat Reader Small IconTo download Apple's ResEdit documentation, click here. (link dead)
Web Path Small IconTo learn more about ResEdit, see the ResExcellence web site.

(1) Open the ResEdit application, then click the ResEdit splash screen.

ResEdit Splash Screen

Then click the "Cancel" button on the Open/Save dialog box

Open/Save Dialog Box

(2) From the "File" menu select the "Get File/Folder Info..."

Navigate to the location of your sharepoint "Network Trash Folder".

Get Info Dialog Box

NOTE: This folder is located at the root of each sharepoint.

(4) Deselect the checkbox named Invisible...

Network Trash Get Info Window

and save modifications...

Save Dialog Box

(5) In Finder, open the "Network Trash Folder" and delete contents.