By: Geordie Korper, ExtremeZ-IP Product Manager, Group Logic - Revised: 2014-01-23 richard

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ExtremeZ-IP - by Geordie Korper, ExtremeZ-IP Product Manager, Group Logic

With millions of files, terabytes of data, hundreds of clients using different Operating Systems, today filesharing is about more than just connecting to another computer and copying files. This presentation will cover the problems that Group Logic has found with sharing files in large mixed platform environments and how we have designed ExtremeZ-IP to mitigate those issues. In addition we will be covering how ExtremeZ-IP supports Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) for Mac clients using the AutoFS features in Mac OS X Leopard.

ExtremeZ-IP supports all of the AFP 3.1 protocol, including important capabilities of the Mac OS X file system, such as:
  • Support for file and folder names longer than 31 characters
  • Support for files larger than 2GB
  • Time Machine Support
  • Automatic Reconnect
  • Nested volumes
  • Improved international language compatibility using Unicode file and folder names
  • mproved performance when working with large folder structures
  • Much more...
This is a presentation by Geordie Korper who is the ExtremeZ-IP Product Manager at Group Logic. Prior to working at Group Logic Geordie was as a consultant who was responsible for deploying 25,000+ Macs. He has presented at MacWorld and many other computer industry tradeshows.

ExtremeZ-IP - Volume Properties

ExtremeZ-IP - Settings