Advanced Mac OS X Administration

By: James Reynolds - Revised: 2008-11-05 james

Advanced Mac OS X Administration

Date: Fridays: Nov. 7, 14, 21, Dec. 5, 2008
Time: 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Where: Marriott Library Multimedia Center, Class 1705A
Instructor: James Reynolds, 585-9811

About the Instructor:

James Reynolds is a member of the Student Computing Labs Mac group, which is responsible for the student Macs in the Marriott Library, Union building, and student dorms.  He maintains the scripts and customizations on those computers with Radmind and Xhooks and some of the servers that maintains those computers.

Class Description:

This series of classes will cover the major areas of Mac OS X administration.  This class will start by setting up a Radmind server and creating a Radmind baseload of a client computer and automating maintenance on it using Xhooks.  Each class after that will build Radmind loadsets based on the topics covered in class.

The intended audience for the classes are administrators who would like to strengthen their Mac OS X administration skills.

The classes will focus on 10.5.

The classes are free, but you must register to reserve your seat. Please register at

Please note: Registering for the first class will register you for all of the classes. The reason we need you to register is so that we know who to email if a class is canceled.


It is assumed you will already have a basic knowledge of administration and especially the Unix command line.  You can get this basic knowledge by reading the book or taking the class designed to prepare for the Mac OS X Support Essentials certification test or by reading online tutorials.

Continuing Education offers the class (EDTEC 620) and the book is titled "Mac OS X Support Essentials" and is published by Peachpit Press (ISBN 0-321-33547-3). These advanced classes do not replace the book or the Continuing Education class.

This class will not attempt to prepare you for the Support Essentials certification. However, if you take the class and aren't totally confused at the end, you should be able to successfully pass the test.