Revised: 2014-01-27 richard

Class Notes from April 11th, 2008

Computer 1:

man asr

Computer 2:

Common flags:
-c sha1
-h server.edu

The 4 ways to use fsdiff

(no command file required)
fsdiff -c sha1 -1 ./
fsdiff -c sha1 -K /dev/null ./

(command file required)
fsdiff -c sha1 -A ./
is fed to:

fsdiff -c sha1 -C ./
is fed to:
lcreate -c sha1 -h server.edu

ktcheck -c sha1 -h server.edu

lcksum -c sha1 transcript.T


config file
command file
transcript file

Some terms:
command in command - kink
baseload = 1st overload
overload = transcript + real files