What's New - Apr 17, 2002

By: James Reynolds - Revised: 2006-10-03 devin


What's new for the Mac in the previous month:
  • General issues, workarounds and fixes
  • New Software and hardware
  • Software and hardware updates/patches

New Apple Software

AppleWorks 6.2.3 (OS 9) 6.2.4 (OS X) includes the ability to read and write Microsoft Word and Excel files and is possibly much faster. [OS 9 & X]

ATI Update 1.1 solves a wake from sleep hang on Quicksilver G4 systems with one of ATI's 8500 AGP cards installed only. [OS 9]

March 2002 ATI Retail Update for Mac OS gives performance improvements, bug fixes and enables FSAA on Radeon cards. [OS 9 & X]

Bluetooth 1.0.0 is a preview driver that will allow Macintosh customers to use a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone for Internet connection, perform a HotSync operation with a Palm handheld device, and exchange files between two Bluetooth enabled computers. [OS X]

DVD Studio Pro 1.5 is the latest release of this advanced DVD authoring tool. This release adds Mac OS X support. [OS 9 & X]

iPod Software 1.1 adds a Contacts menu to store your address book and a new Equalizer with more than 20 presets and independent settings for each song. You can also store your presentations, pictures, documents, and even entire digital movies on your iPod, then carry them across town or across the country in your pocket. [OS ?]

iTunes 2.0.4 offers more AppleScript features, and improved stability and performance. Troubleshooting note: If you have previously installed iTunes for Mac OS X, delete the old version before installing the new one. If you put iTunes in your Dock, remove the old iTunes icon from the Dock, then after you install the new iTunes, drag the new iTunes icon to the Dock. [OS 9 & X]

NVIDIA Driver 3.0 improves the stability and compatibility of NVIDIA cards in the PowerMac G4 when used in combination with the Matrox RTMac Card. This update insures better quality playback and filtering. [OS 9]

Security Update April 2002 updates several components for increased security, including OpenSSH v3.1p1, rsync v2.5.2, groff v1.17.2, PHP v4.1.2, sudo v1.6.5p2, mod_ssl v2.8.7, and mail_cmds. It is available via Software update. [OS X]

WebObjects 5.1.1 includes modified WebObjects client-side Java classes and jars. [OS X]

New Third Party Software

Acgi dispatcher 1.0 beta allows you to write cgi programs for the web in AppleScript while using Mac OS X's built-in Apache webserver. Beta 3 improves the Apache configuration options allowing you to associate any number of suffixes with the program instead of just '.acgi'. [OS X]

DragThing 4.3 added a new kind of dock which shows all mounted disks and servers. [OS 9 & X]

Eudora 5.1.1b22 [OS 9 & X]

F-Secure SSH Client 2.4 [OS 9]

File Buddy 7.0.1 fixes a number of bugs, including a scan for empties glitch, menu display with orphan files, the registration form print problem, and improperly disabled menu items. [OS 9 & X]

FutureBASIC^3 6.0.3 is an update to this BASIC programming language/development environment. [OS 9 & X]

Impasse 1.2 is an auto-optimizing firewall in System Prefs. Impasse has an easy mode for the novice user, who doesn't care to learn about firewall rules (auto senses services running), and an advanced mode for the user who wants to configure the firewall to his/her liking. [OS X]

Internet Explorer 5.1.4 [OS 9 & X]

Kick-off! 2.0b1 [OS X]

Macromedia Shockwave Player 8.5.1r102 is the browser plugin to view Shockwave media. Macromedia Shockwave Player includes Macromedia Flash Player. [OS 9 & X]

MacSFTP 1.0.1 is updated with OpenSSH 3.1p1, adds drag and drop support, and it includes a set of new navigation keyboard shortcuts. [OS 9 & X]

netOctopus 4.0 is a network and lab administration and management tool. This update adds Mac OS X support, a file transfer status window, speedier installations, an improved log window, Unicode support, and more. [OS 9 & X]

Netscape 6.2.2 [OS 9 & X]

Norton SystemWorks - 2.0 aka Norton 7.0. Includes Norton AntiVirus, Dantz Retrospect Express Backup, DiskWarrior recovery-only version, and Aladdin Spring Cleaning. 2.3 rating [OS X only!]

Now Up-to-Date & Contact 4.2 offers native Mac OS X support for Palm devices and new backup capabilities, including the ability to undo a sync. Other features include the NowPak for iPod module, a new holiday file that adds a number of European holidays, and an OS X-specific installer. [OS 9 & X]

Office 2001 URL Security Updater. [OS 9]

OmniWeb 4.1b2 contains the usual massive number of changes and improvements, including bug fixes, JAVA changes, better CSS implementation, and much more. [OS X]

Palm Desktop 4.0 Buggy, especially the OS 9 version--some portions of the code not even completed! OOPS! [OS 9 & X]

Photoshop 7.0 is now shipping. [OS 9 & X]

PowerKey Pro 4.0.2b1 fixes an issue with Rebound! crashing and other minor bug fixes. [OS 9 & X]

Peak LE 3.0r3 and BIAS Peak DV 3.0r3Note: there is a bug in the installer that may not install the app. Contact support@bias-inc.com and they'll arrange the fix for you. [OS 9 & X]

Prefs PrefsOverload 4.1.2 fixes various bugs. [OS 9 & X]

REALbasic 4.0.2 fixes problems with BinaryStream and Menu Balloon Help on Mac OS X, and DNS lookup failures. [OS 9 & X]

Retrospect 5.0.203. Problems abound. [OS 9 & X]

Script Debugger 3.0.3 adds AppleScript Studio support, Mouse Wheel support on Mac OS X systems, and JavaScript OSA 1.0.2. It also improves stability and addresses a number of issues that came to light since the 3.0 release. Requires AppleScript 1.8b3, which is available from Apple's developer Web site. [OS 9 & X]

Synchronize! Pro X 1.0.3 makes bootable OS X system backups and syncs files. This release fixes problems with synctemp files, can't find disk errors, a crash with the open recent menu, and more. [OS 9 & X]

ThinkFree Office 2.0 is an affordable suite of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation graphics applications. [OS X]

Toast Titanium 5.1.3 adds localized help, fixes the check speed feature, and fixes a problem erasing DVD+RW media. [OS 9 & X]

Watson 1.5 is a significant upgrade to this excellent desktop interface to the most popular web content and services. Other enhancements include: A new status bar for consistent placement of user interface elements like progress bars; A new, elegant set of toolbar and application icons; Enhanced placement, naming, sizing, and grouping of myriad user interface elements. [OS X]

Software Notes

Maya Complete, formerly priced at $7,500 will now sell for $1,999
Maya Unlimited, which formerly sold for $16,000 will be priced at $6,999.

GnuPG replaces PGP

Hardware News

New Hardware
10GB iPod $499. (5GB model still $399) - Read more - Read more

Apple supports Bluetooth. Get Bluetooth software (free) and a Bluetooth USB adapter ($49). - Read more - Read more

Apple shipping over 5,000 new iMacs per day. iMac price increases $100 because of component costs for memory and LCD's. - Read more

Apple Cinema HD Display, an all-digital 23-inch flat panel display with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution, enough to view High Definition Television (HDTV) content with room to spare. - Read more

Hardware Notes
NVIDIA GeForce4 Titanium delay?

Recall of Longwell Electronics AC power cords shipped with some HP inkjet printers. Some of them include: Deskjet 800, Deskjet 900, Photosmart 1000, Photosmart 1100, Photosmart 1200, and Photosmart 1300. - Read more - Printer list

Make your new iBook transparent!

Retail News

Maine finally gets go-ahead to buy 19,000 iBooks

"If you're a PC user who's eyeing a Mac, we'd love to know what you're thinking."
"If you're a PC user who's recently bought a Mac, we'd love to hear from you."
"Mac & PC: A guide to peaceful co-existence." - Read more

Apple acquires Zayante. Zayante is a leader in IEEE 1394 (FireWire) technology. - Read more

Through June 30
Laptop and an AirPort base station get $100 rebate
Power Mac and 17-inch screen save $200
Power Mac and 22-inch display save $300


FireWire drives, OS drivers and disk drivers.

IntelliMouse USB drivers conflict with Griffin iMate ADB/USB drivers? Rename the two mouse drivers to load before the iMate driver.

"Code Fragment could not be prepared. 'PrefRestoreInit' error type 1010" - Replace FileSharingLib extension or delete a preference file to resolve the issue. - Read more

Opening files with long file names in Classic may crash Classic!

Potential lawsuit against Apple for PowerBook G3 hinge troubles - Read more

Adobe Illustrator 10 install problems

iMovie, Mac OS X video capture bug - will not capture more than 1-2 minutes to external FW drive.

Swapping batteries in Mac OS X & Power Manger reset problems. - Read more

Mac OS X: Slow Startup problems (no valid DNS server specified) - Read more

"The specified server could not be found" - Read more

Webpage loading delays - Read more

MetaFrame Servers crash when a Mac client attempts to access C:\

Possible auto-execution vulnerability on the Mac? Malicious web-page automatically downloads disc-image, StuffIt auto expands and mounts the disc-image, Mac OS (QuickTime) executes the malicious program. - Read more

Retrospect 5 Notes:
  • Retrospect 5.0 Desktop Backup for OS 9 requires that you use Retrospect 5.0 clients-only?
  • 'Workgroup' version (20 remote clients) needed to run on AppleShare IP Servers or Mac OS X Servers ('Desktop' version no longer works).
  • SuperDrive cannot use CD-RW media for Retrospect backup.
  • SCSI cards that use to work with Retrospect 4 don't work with Retrospect 5.
  • Many other problems.

General News

Pop-up downloads - Read more

Microsoft's MacBU not getting axed. Example of future Mac development: Office, Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, .NET (hurray hurray...)

AT&T WorldNet email services slowed 2-18 because of spam flood. Spammers using dictionaries now (, , , etc.). They also vary their email headers to fool email filters. Spam companies hiring layoffs from .com or other tech fields to work for them. - Read more

Microsoft lawsuit update: States have presented their witnesses. Example of testimony: Computer makers fear of retaliation from Microsoft if they sell PC's installed with Linux or RealPlayer. Microsoft is now presenting their witnesses. - Read more

http://www.wehavethewayout.com/ was running on FreeBSD. The Unix community has thrown up a reply: http://www.wehavethewayin.com/ - Read more - Read more - Read more

Sen. Ernest F. "Fritz" Hollings, South Carolina Democrat & Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (CBDTPA). The bill prohibits the sale of any kind of electronic device unless the device includes copy-protection standards to be set by the federal government. - Read more - Read more

Email scammers/spammers organizing like the mafia in Nigeria. 15 people killed, others kidnapped/beaten/held for ransom in connection with these scams. Emails look like:
  • originates from a high government official, oil executive or banker (or relative of same) in a foreign country.
  • promises a substantial percentage of a huge sum of money.
  • requests personal information such as your address, telephone number or bank-account data.
Email: 419.fcd@usss.treas.gov if you get one. - Read more

Cool Stuff

iPod getting hacked--more uses than mp3 player.

A global panel that sets electronics standards has approved its own version of Bluetooth technology for short-range wireless networks. - Read more

Dynamic Forms with DHTML - Read more


Joy of Tech:
  • iPod engraving
  • Mac OS X birthday
  • Maya price cut
  • iMac


Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2002, May 6-10 in San Jose, CA

MacHack Conference, June 20-22 in Dearborn, MI

Macworld Expo NY, July 15-19 in New York, NY

NECC (National Education Computing Conference), June 17-19 in San Antonio, TX

Summit in the Rockies QuickTime VR Conference, May 14-16, 2002 in Boulder, Colorado