What's New - Sep 18, 2002

By: James Reynolds - Revised: 2006-07-03 devin


What's new for the Mac in the previous month:
  • General issues, workarounds and fixes
  • New Software and hardware
  • Software and hardware updates/patches

New Apple Software

AirPort Firmware Update 4.0.6 for Snow basestations.

AirPort Graphite Base Station Update 3.84

AirPort Admin Utility for Windows

Bluetooth 2.1 is a preview driver for the wireless technology. In the new version, 2Byte characters are preserved when transferring files, and the ability to pair with devices other than phones is added.

Disc Recording Update 1.3.5 delivers additional iTunes and Finder support for a number of LaCie, EZquest, and Iomega CD-R devices. For a specific list of supported devices, visit the Apple CD-R Compatibility site at http://www.apple.com/itunes/compatibility/.

DVD Studio Pro 1.5.1

iDVD X 2.1 is a DVD authoring tool included with new G4 DVD-R Macs. The new release adds DVD-ROM data support, AppleScript support, enhancements to the burning process, and general performance improvements.

Remote Desktop 1.1 includes compatibility with Jaguar. Previously users were presented with the error message: "The Remote Desktop software doesn't appear to be installed correctly. Please verify it is installed and restart this computer." The update is available via Mac OS X's Software Update component.

Security Update 2002-08-20. The new release provides "increased security to prevent unauthorized access to applications, servers, and the operating system," including an updated version of OpenSSL.

Security Update 8-23-2002, exclusively for Jaguar, has been posted to Apple's servers. The update includes revisions to OpenSSL, Security, and SunRPC.

Xserve Update 1.0, which provides updates and enhancements to the serial port, ATA hard disk drivers, server assistant, and server monitoring functions of Xserve.

New Third Party Software

(Updates are assumed to be for Mac OS X, not much is being updated for Mac OS 9 nowadays...)

Audiocorder OSX 3.5b2 records audio manually and automatically. The new version includes AppleScript support.

AudioX 2.0b2 is a tool to record sound from any input source. In its latest release, the main Window can be resized vertically. There is also a new icon for the "export" command.

BBEdit 6.5.3 is a popular HTML and text editing tool. The new release is a maintenance update only, and does not contain any feature additions. Scripting accesses to objects of the class "file" by name now work correctly in situations where they didn't before.

Carbon Copy Cloner 1.3.2b6 copies OS X installs to another drive. The new version no longer needs to unlock files on the source volume and manages the /cores item correctly for Mac OS 10.2.

Chimera 0.5.0 is a Cocoa native Web browser based on Fizzilla. In the new version, a downloading dialog is shown now, for file downloads, and when saving pages. A number of bugs were fixed, related to the download file disappearing, and downloading BinHex files.

Ciboulette X 1.5.2 is a high security file and clipboard encryption tool. In the new release, interface glitches has been fixed and a localization bug was corrected.

Default Folder X 1.6.2 enhances open/save dialog boxes for ease of use. The new release fixes a bug that caused Default Folder X not to appear in the file dialogs of Cocoa applications under Mac OS 10.1.x.

DeskShade Plus 1.0 is a desktop cleaner and lock mechanism. The tool can also set movies as desktop pictures.

DMG Tool 2.7.2 quickly creates compressed disk images. The new release is updated for Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar. Part of the update is ability to handle high-bit characters in file names.

Drive 10 1.1 is a disk repair and maintenance tool. The latest release includes host of new repair routines.

DragThing 4.3.1 is a launcher palette for files, folders, disks, servers and URLs. The new version features various fixes for Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar," fixed a problem with DragThing not opening when renamed, fixed a problem with docks in fullscreen applications and fixed a problem loading Unicode names for color and texture sets. [OS 9 and X]

DropDMG 1.7.3 creates compressed and encrypted disk images. The latest release adds support for license agreements, with rich text and multiple localizations.

Eskape MyTV/X 1.0 is an application and driver set for Eskape's line of video products. The new version features support for MyTV and MyTV/fm, MyTV2GO and MyTV2GO/fm, MyCapture II and MyVideo

File Buddy 7.2.2 is an extensive desktop and file/folder editing and task tool. The new version fixes a problem where opening the Repair Options dialog in the Check Aliases dialog would cause a crash and another problem that would cause File Buddy to unexpectedly quit after doing any of the file searches.

FileMaker Pro 6.0v3 is a popular database application. In FileMaker Pro 6.0v1 and 6.0v2, 4-digit year dates in imported or converted files could be displayed using the incorrect century. This has been addressed in FileMaker Pro 6.0v3.

Firewalk X 2.1.7 is a fully featured firewall. The new release fixes a possible kernel panic with certain software

FruitMenu 2.5.1 is a tool to customize and enhance the Apple and contextual menus. The new release adds an option to make Application menu appear as an icon instead of an application's name.

gimp-print 4.2.1 is a CUPS printer driver for HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark. The software can be installed on Jaguar and can be used to print to a large number of printer models.

GraphicConverter X 4.4.4 view, edit, convert most graphic file formats. The new version allows users to export to Toast in the browser from a context menu and the user's manual has been updated.

ICQ 3.1a43 is an instant messaging, SMS and chat client. The new version allows file transfer and chat sessions with PC versions that previously disallowed the connection, provides faster and more reliable file transfer, and includes improved multilingual support in the message window and the history window.

Illustrator 10.0.3 is a popular vector graphics creation app. The update provides compatibility with Photoshop 7.0 files.

Killer Dave 1.0.1 is a script to uninstall Dave 3.1.

Look It Up 2.0 allows access an online dictionary or thesaurus without a browser. In the new version, users now have the ability to choose whether you want the definition to be in the application or launched in a browser

MacAnalysis X 2.2.2 is an advanced network security auditing tool. The new release adds information about the latest exploits, vulnerabilities.

MacGhostView 2.5.9 is a general purpose PostScript and PDF previewer. In the new release it is now possible to rotate an eps image in MacGhostView and to "zoom" the display window.

Master Key 2.2 is a typing tutor program, multi-user network feature. The new release fixes a few display problems for 10.2 compatibility and adds progressive drills for AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboards.

Menu Extra Enabler 1.0 is a hack to enable 3rd party menu extras in Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).

Mozilla 1.2a is Mozilla.org's next generation Web browser. Type Ahead Find is a new feature that allows quick navigation when you type a succession of characters in the browser, matching the text in one or more links on the page.

NetBarrier X 10.0.4 is a software firewall for net security. The new release includes Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) compatibility, adds some new default services and ports and includes minor interface improvements.

gimp-print 4.2.1 provides excellent drivers for many printers that are otherwise unsupported on Mac OS X 10.2 by using CUPS.

netOctopus 4.1 is a network and lab administration and management tool. The update includes dozens of new features, feature enhancements, and bug fixes.

OmniOutliner 2.1 outlines and organizes thoughts, tasks, and projects. The new release moves the Scripts menu back to the main menu, and fixes uncaught exception when you changed, for example, a number column to a duration, and then undo.

Pacifist 1.0 is an extractor/custom installer for .pkg packages. The new release adds French localization, new icons, and support for Mac OS X 10.2.

PackUpAndGo 2.3.5 is a drag and drop file compression too. The new version is built for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) delivering increased speed and performance as well as new features.

PCI Extreme! 1.1 enables Quartz Extreme over the PCI bus. The new version features support for both PCI and AGP busses at the same time.

Phone Dialer 1.2 dials Address Book phone numbers through a modem. In the new version there is now only one search field, and it performs live searches.

Photoshop 7.0.1 is popular image editing software. In the new version, type layers are no longer rasterized unnecessarily and Photoshop now saves alpha transparency data in Targa files in the same way it did in previous versions.

PortReflector 1.2.1 reflects TCP connections to another host. The new release fixes an incompatibility with Mac OS X 10.2.

Premiere 6.5 video editing application that packs Mac OS X support, a real-time preview function, a title designer, expanded support for real-time hardware, and tight integration with Apple's iDVD and DVD Studio Pro.

Print Center Repair 1.4.2/2.0.1 helps repair multiple Print Center problems. The latest release makes significant improvements to the "Verify root user" and "Verify daemon user" options so that they now provide more a detailed description of any errors found. Performance has also been improved.

Prosoft NetWare Client 1.0.2 is a Mac OS X built connectivity client for Novell networks.

Pseudo 1.2.3 allows users to launch apps as a system administrator. The latest release includes fixes to work properly on OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), and better notification of bad passwords stored in keychain.

PStill 2.3.4 converts EPS/PS and other PostScript to PDF

Quartz Extreme Check 1.1 checks if video hardware supports Quartz Extreme.

Radmind 0.8.1 is a remote file system admin: command line, client/server tool. The new version fixes a wildcard compiling issue on linux.

RAID Toolbox by CharisMac for Mac OS X

RBrowser 3.0.9 is a graphical FTP/SFTP/SSH client. The new release is Jaguar native, has improvements in symbolic link handling, and includes display speedups.

REALbasic 4.5.1 is an object oriented visual programming environment.

RemoteAdminTool 1.0.5 by Haxial is a tool to remotely admin/control computers. In the latest release, remote controlling the display works.

Retrospect 5.0.536 client includes full support for Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and corrects a problem that caused the Retrospect client to spontaneously turn itself off after approximately 17 minutes.

Retrospect 5.0 Driver Update is a plug-in extension for Retrospect 5.0 or Retrospect Express 5.0. It updates Retrospect or Retrospect Express to support new drives, fix bugs, and work around problems.

Smile X 2.4.6 is an AppleScript editor for beginners and IDE for developers. The new version works under Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).

Snapz Pro X 1.0.6 is a screen capture tool that can save actions as QuickTime movies. The new release adds support for Mac OS X 10.2, fixes some bugs with QuickTime 6.0, and adds the "ClearScale" technology, which makes scaled screenshots and movies look much better.

SquidCam 1.0.1 is a video conferencing/chat app for broadband connections. The new release has AppleEvent support for opening a connection from another application.

Sorenson Squeeze 2.0.2 is a video compression tool for QuickTime or Flash MX. The new version has stitching support for SWF file export, improved video filter preview, keyframe interval control, and is Jaguar (Mac OS 10.2) compatible.

Super Get Info 1.0.9 is a replacement for the Show Info command. The new version now supports viewing and editing of Mac OS X's Finder comments.

Symantec Norton Utilities 7.0.2 is a disk repair and recovery tool. The new release is currently only available through the LiveUpdate feature and appears to be a fix for OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).

Synchronize! Pro X 1.2.3 makes bootable system backups and syncs files. The new release fixes a cosmetic problem with the display of icons on Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar) and resolves a problem with the display of GB file sizes in the Status window.

Tex-Edit Plus X 4.3.1b1 is a versatile text editor with many advanced features. In the latest release a NewTex-Ai AppleScript Studio application added to Scripts menu, providing a simple shortcut pallete.

Thursby DAVE 4.0 is Mac to PC file and print sharing software. The new beta release includes Mac OS X 10.2 support.

TinkerTool 2.31 adds functionality and options to many OS X feature. The preference pane package of TinkerTool 2.3 had been released in 10.2 format which caused it to appear as folder in Mac OS X 10.1.

TIFFany3 3.5.7 is a desktop image processing with batch processor. The latest release has a new Rotate-And-Crop module and a Crop to Proportions option in the Crop module.

TouchStrokes 1.5.5 is a virtual keyboard for touch screen kiosks. The new release adds compatibility with iCab's full-screen mode. It also adds several improvements to the kiosk mode that permits the disabling of certain keys, key combinations and other functionality specifically for use in touch screen kiosks.

Translator 1.0 is an interface for online translation engines. The software can translate between English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, as well as change English to a humorous dialect such as redneck, elmer fudd, pig latin, etc.

tilApache2 0.1.1 is an Apache management tool. In the new version, if the path to Apache contained " " or "_" utilApache2 now determines the path correctly. Also, when quitting, the application now runs 'sudo -k,' which increases security.

VPNConnect 1.0.4 is a GUI for the CiscoVPN Unity client. The latest release incorporates compatibility with v3.6 of the Cisco client.

Web Help Desk 6.0 is a browser based Help Desk powered by WebObjects 5.1. The new release features tickets for job linking, client Notes on Job Tickets, and improved e-Mail Alerts.

whatPorts 1.1 is a multi-threaded port scanner. The new version ships with a port database that it uses to try and determine what service is most likely running on that port.

WindowShade X 2.1.1 is a haxie that adds WindowShade features to OS X. The new release features Japanese localization by Kaori Saegusa and has improved the way drawers in Cocoa applications are handled when a window is minimized.

XPostFacto 2.2.2 helps install OS X on some unsupported Macs. The new release fixes a problem starting Classic in Mac OS X 10.2. (The problem affected unsupported machines with G4 upgrade cards).

Yahoo! Messenger X 2.5b1 is an instant messaging app. The new release has a WebCam feature that allows up to 20 frames per second.

Software Notes

PGP for Mac OS X coming?

Adaptec might only have one engineer left doing Mac stuff part time. Adaptec says they are not dropping Mac support.

Final Cut Pro 3 is not compatible with QuickTime 6

Hardware News

New PowerMac G4s ("Buick") with dual-processors ranging in speed from 867 MHz to 1.25 GHz. Apple claims the new dual 1.25GHz G4 runs applications like Adobe Photoshop up to 90 percent faster than a 2.53GHz Pentium 4-based PC. Graphics are powered by an NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX on the low-end and Radeon 9000 on the high-end. Prices start at $1599 and scale up to $3299. Read more.

Iomega offers 750 MB Zip USB 2, $180, backwards compatible with 250M disks, but can only read 100M disks. Read more.

EyeTV, like the TiVo, but runs on your Mac, $199. Read more.

Apple has quietly lengthened the iPod warranty from 90 days to one-year.

Power Mac G4 Dual Optical Problems: iPod mounting; popping noises from speakers (when will Apple get this right?...); no OS 9 installer

Xserve FireWire drive problems?

Retail News

iPods to be sold at Best Buy.

The launch of Mac OS X 10.2 set a new weekend sales record for Apple.

Amazon selling .Mac membership for $77...


Microsoft claims "Apple isn't doing enough to push Mac OS X". What do they want? Apple to break the law like MS did? This sounds like an excuse for MS to hurt Apple by dropping Mac support, probably something that Apple could sue MS for as anti-competitive... (Is Bill Gates losing sleep because of Mac OS X? Is Apple's switch campaign too successful?)

Lots of Quicken 2002 problems

Mac OS X on Intel rumors wont die, even though it will never happen. (the best rumor is that Apple already has it ported, but they wont release it!)

Several Microsoft security "lapses". Serious hole affecting us: SSL certificate broken in Office for Mac, Internet Explorer for Mac, and Outlook Express for Mac. No patch yet.

Microsoft vs. open-source: Germany, Peru, France, and California are toying with or already have legislation that encourages open-source software or even prohibiting government purchase of MS products unless it open-sources. Microsoft and others are lobbying against this.

ISO standards body will take the unprecedented step of withdrawing the JPEG image format as a formal standard if Forgent Networks, a small Texan company, continues to demand jpeg royalties on a seventeen-year old patent.

Microtek may never release Mac OS X compatible drivers for some of its USB scanner models

Mozilla 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.1 and probably older versions as well give the wrong referrer URL, which is a security problem if you visit www.happyhacker.com and a bookmark of an online banking session in succession...

Mac OS X in Brief

Applications compiled for 10.1 were compiled using gcc 2.5x. Applications for 10.2 need to be compiled using gcc 3.1. "Under the hood" differences in 10.1 and 10.2 are great enough that many applications will fail without being recompiled using gcc 3.1.

Before upgrading, do these things: check your 3rd party apps for updates and 10.2 compatibility. Check MacFixIt for compatibility problems (you will probably need Pro subscription). If problems occur, try deleting Preference files.

There seem to be defective Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) install CDs in circulation.

There might be problems installing 10.2 on systems with dual graphics cards and more than 1 GB of RAM (unplug one of the cards before installing).

There might be problems with FireWire target disk mode.

It appears the 10.2 Finder burns CDs that are not Windows compatible.

Java might be slower in 10.2.

To install Perl 5.8 on Jaguar: developer.apple.com/internet/macosx/perl.html

General News

iTools (.Mac) will no longer be free at the end of this month.

Starting in 2003, new Macs will only boot into Mac OS X, though the ability to run Mac OS 9 applications will be retained in the Classic environment.

Apple has convinced the RIAA it isn't being lazy about stopping music piracy (think of iPod and iTunes...).

RealNetworks has announced a new version of its software that can distribute audio and video in a range of formats, including Microsoft's own proprietary Windows Media. The open-source program is intended for large media companies and other corporations that need to send audio and video data to customers and employees in a variety of different formats, but the New York Times suggests the initiative may pose a legal threat to Microsoft

The New York Times reports that Apple is working on an "iPhone" initiative, a PDA...

Apple battles Sun and Dell with the Xserve in Asian server markets.

Products using the 802.11a standard are expected to hit the market this year, with more products expected in 2003. The standard is not backward compatible with 802.11b.

The IEEE said it intends to finalize the 802.11g standard by May 2003. The standard is backward compatible with 802.11b.

Apple announced it will open-source Rendezvous.

At the Apple Expo in Paris, Philips, Canon, Xerox, Sybase and World Book announced support for Rendezvous in current or future products, joining previous Rendezvous adopters Hewlett-Packard, Epson and Lexmark.

MHz myth hurting chip sales, even Intel, since they make chip models that are fast but have a low MHz. Some chip makers are trying to come up with a different way of measuring performance.

BBC says Apple is "undisputed leader" in the multimedia field.

MPEG-4 licensing terms resolved.

Mac vs PC site changed: http://MacvsPC.info

On 7-30-2002, Jaguar was ranked the number one seller on the entire Amazon network. Amazon offering $50 off. (still cheaper to go through OSL)

Cool Stuff

Apple wins another Emmy, this time for its Final Cut Pro video-editing software. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded the company an Emmy last year for its work with FireWire, and Apple also earned a Grammy from the Recording Academy this year. In an interview, Steve Jobs credited Final Cut Pro for bringing the quality of a $50,000 editing bay to anyone willing to spend $1,000 for video-editing software. Read more.

A new Spam blocking service dubbed Habeas uses an interesting approach: A hidden scrap of copyrighted poetry embedded in e-mails will be used to guarantee that any message containing the verse is spam free. If spammers dare to hijack the haiku, they will be aggressively sued for copyright infringement. Read more.

Switch campaign going on second round of ads. It has generated quite a bit of attention from magazines and publishers like PC World, U.S. News, World Reports, and NPR. Many are taking Apple's side.

The movie "Full Frontal" directed by Steven Soderbergh was filmed with MiniDV camcorders and edited with G4 PowerMacs.



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