What's New - Jul 17, 2002

By: James Reynolds - Revised: 2006-07-03 devin


What's new for the Mac in the previous month:
  • General issues, workarounds and fixes
  • New Software and hardware
  • Software and hardware updates/patches

New Apple Software

Networking Update 1.0 This presumably means that it fixes the loss of network access bug in OS X 10.1.5. [OS X]

AirPort 2.0.4 [OS 9 & X]

CarbonLib 1.6 [OS 9]

Authoring Support 1.19 - Available through Software update. [OS 9]

AppleScript 1.83 [OS 9 & X]

Repair Privileges utility restores the privileges of Mac OS X system files and Apple-installed software to their default configuration. [OS X]

iMac Update for Mac OS X 1.0. It includes enhancements to support the installation of third party applications and the Networking Update which improves network and Internet access after restarting your computer or when waking from sleep. Only for iMacs running 10.1.5 with build number 5T91. [OS X]

Security Update July 2002 includes Apache v.1.3.26, mod_ssl v.2.8.9 and OpenSSH v.3.4p1. [OS X]

Security Update 7-12-02 includes Software Update 1.4.6, which guarantees that software downloaded is *really* from Apple. Command line tool included. [OS X]

iTunes 3 (purple). Well, ya know. [OS X]

QuickTime 6. I'm droolin'. [OS 9 & X]

iDVD 2.1. Oh yeah. [OS X]

New Third Party Software

ATI Retail Update June 2002 is an update for Radeon/7000/8500 and RAGE 128 cards. [OS 9 & X]

CodeWarrior Pro 8.1 is the latest version of Metrowerks' application development environment, is a maintenance release of the Compilers and Command Line Tools. [OS 9 & X]

DMG Tool 2.7 quickly creates compressed disk images. The latest release has an option to convert to DVD/CD-R Master Files and can ignore invisible files. Also included is support for AppleScript 1.8.3. [OS X]

FileMaker 6.0v2 has been released as a $299 standalone or $149 upgrade. The new version of FileMaker Inc's database software supports both Windows XP and Mac OS X, and packs new image management and capture features that are built exclusively for OS X. [OS 9 & X]

Gpg Tools 1.1.2 is an OS X replacement for PGPTools that allows encryption, decryption, signing and verification of documents. The new release adds support for gpg 1.0.7 and unprotected keys. [OS X]

GraphicConverter X 4.4.2 [OS 9 & X]

iCab X 2.8.1 [OS 9 & X]

InterMapper X 3.6.2 monitors servers, networks and AirPort set-ups. The new release fixes a floating pop-up window bug and an assertion failure problem and features improved Wireless Probes and better support for Agere/Orinoco/Lucent and other Karlnet-based wireless base stations. [OS 9 & X]

Internet Explorer 5.2.1 [OS X]

jsTool 1.0.1 is an integrated development environment for JavaScript. It features drag&drop development, autocompletion of commands, properties pop-up lists, and integrated help. It is an excellent companion tool to WYSIWYG web page editors plus its a great way to learn JavaScript. [OS 9 & X]

MacStumbler 0.6b scans for nearby wireless networks. The new release sports speech support and colored signal text. [OS X]

Mathematica 4.2 is the latest version of this math solving software. [OS 9 & X]

Memory Usage Getter 2.0.2 is out. It sports auto-refreshing at a specified interval, rounding preferences, and internal help documentation that includes an overview of memory usage in Mac OS X. [OS X]

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection - 1.0 (WHAT is this world coming to?!) [OS X]

MS-MPEG4v1 Decoder 2.0 for QT [OS X]

MS-MPEG4v2 Decoder 2.0 for QT [OS X]

OmniWeb 4.1 is the latest update to this Web browser. [OS X]

QuarkXPress 5.01 Among the major new features is a new emergency function in Quark License Administrator. When network service becomes disabled, QuarkXPress users can use an emergency key launch sequence to launch QuarkXPress 5.01 for up to 120 hours while the network is re-established. [OS 9 -- STILL!]

SmartSound Movie Maestro 1.0 is "the world's first soundtrack creation product for home computer users and video enthusiasts. The software allows you to create movie-quality soundtracks and includes a professionally recorded music library with themes especially suited for home videos." [OS 9 & X]

TinkerTool 2.2 adds functionality and options to many OS X features. The installer will now automatically replace the previous version. The display of the TinkerTool icon in small sizes has been improved, and it adds the ability to fix a bug in the language setup. [OS X]

Toast Titanium 5.1.4 is out. It features: support for the Gracenote CDDB2 database; 48x recording; anti-aliased text rendering in certain interface areas; enhanced DVD+RW support; expanded "Optimize on the Fly" features. Some bugs and a controversial EULA (see below). [OS 9 & X]

Vapor 1.0 allows any Mac OS X user to create SSH-encrypted connections across the Internet to any SSH server and then tunnel most any IP-based service across it. [OS X]

Virtual PC 5.0.4 is the latest update to this PC emulation software. Among what's new: Fixed bug that caused occasional issues with Windows XP installation and stability; Addressed performance issue for 32-bit operating systems running in Virtual PC under Mac OS X that was introduced in version 5.0.3. [OS 9 & X]

Watson 1.5.4 is out. The upgrade features a new Weather plug-in. It also fixes a number of annoyances, and additionally brings several existing tools up-to-date with the Web site providers. [OS X]

Who's There? X 1.2 is a utility to analyze accesses detected by your firewall. This release adds support for OS X Server, Brickhouse, and other firewalls. [OS 9 & X]

XPerlEdit 2.0a1 allows users to create, edit, syntax check, run, and debug perl scripts using OS X's built-in Perl functionality. The new version gets support for OS X 10.1.5, improved documentation, and a better AutoComplete tool. [OS X]

More software released at MacWorld today (iTunes, Maya 4.5, QuickTime 6, etc.,.).

Software Notes

Mac OS X "Jaguar" will be released August 24th, and it is officially "10.2". It will cost $129 or $19 if you "buy a Mac before then".

Don't have drivers for your device? Try drivers for similar products... (ex. Microtech drivers for Zio! work for Dazzle, which doesn't officially have a driver).

Quark XPress 6 will include OS X support. They claimed it would be out within 6 months.

Netopia will debut Timbuktu for the Education Market at MacWorld. The new version of the award-winning Timbuktu software, has been specially designed for the classroom, offers powerful remote control functionality to allow teachers and students to share screens, display work, transfer project files, and communicate instantly in both classroom and lab settings.

Hardware News

Shecom Corporation has a new Ikebana DVD+RW/+R external drive. Mac compatible.

Who needs external cases? WiebeTech LLC has case-less firewire hard disk bridges. www.wiebetech.com

17inch iMac released today at MacWorld.

USB and Firewire showdown. Read more (Mac centric). Read more (PC centric).
  • USB 2.0 = 480 mbps MINUS CPU overhead; free for PC makers
  • Firewire = 400 mbps (no CPU overhead); license required
  • Firewire 2 = 800 mbps (no CPU overhead); license required
Apple's product lineup.
2 years ago:
  • High end: PowerMac G4
  • Middle: Supercompact Cube G4
  • Bottom: iMac G3 w/ CRT
  • High end: PowerMac G4
  • Middle: supercompact iMac G4 w/ flat panel
  • Bottom: iMac G4 w/ CRT
Seriously CMP's Network Computing says that Xserve, OS X, and enhanced support contracts is putting Apple in the server business. Read more.

Apple Ships XServe, over 4,000 ordered. Read more.

Two CDs worth of information on a quarter-sized disc? 2Philips says blue lasers will eventually enable standard CD-sized media to store 27 GB. More. http://news.com.com/2100-1040-937621.html?tag=fd_top

Retail News

Apple revenues were about $1.4 billion, .2 billion less then previously expected. There is soft demand in the consumer and creative markets.

Apple acquires music production software firm Emagic. Read more.

Until August 12, 2002, save up to $300-500 when purchasing a 17" or larger Studio Display and a Power Mac G4. Go to store.apple.com and click on "Crystal Clear Savings".


Mac OS 9, CarbonLib 1.6, and some applications (Netscape 6.x, Quicken).

Trouble installing AppleScript 1.83.

Apple's installer uses Pax, which is full of problems. This is why some installers are destroying hard disks (meaning it isn't the developers' faults, but Pax's, and Apple's for choosing Pax).

SETI@Home, QuickTime 6, Virtual PC, and perhaps more crash the loginwindow or WindowServer in OS 10.1.5, resulting in a sudden logout.

Cisco's VPN Client for Mac OS X contains a security vulnerability. Version 3.5.2 contains a fix. Read more.

Lint inside an iPod caused instant battery decharge.

Retrospect 5 does not backup ASIP.

Some ISPs use equipment that prevent the built-in modem from maintaining a connection. Read more

Toast 5.1.4 frequently quits, or hangs the system in the last few seconds of the CD burning process under Mac OS X 10.1.5

Toast's new EULA allows Roxio to download and install "Security Updates" that content providers (including record labels) have requested be distributed. This is because Roxio has created one EULA for Toast and their PC burning product, Easy CD Creator, which does download and install security stuff.

Microsoft Outlook's PGP plug-in has a hole. Network Associates has a fix.

General News

2 consumers have filed a lawsuit against 5 record companies. Read more.

Internet radio stations must pay record labels for the music the station plays. Read more.

Some cable internet providers are threatening to cut service to customers who set up wireless systems and allow others to freely tap access. Read more.

Audiogalaxy settles with RIAA and NMPA. Audiogalaxy removes music and pays RIAA and NMPA. Read more. Read more.

Mac OS X Disaster Relief is a new troubleshooting book.

MacFixIt no longer has a separate Mac OS 9 page.

The Houston airport confiscated a Disk On Key removable storage device because it was deemed contraband. "They thought it was some type of weapon." Read more.

Cool Stuff

The iPod and iMac took home top honors at the Industrial Design Excellence Awards ceremony. Read more.

Apple Computer has submitted its operating system for an independent security evaluation. More. Read more.

Apple has ranked fifth on a new study measuring positive news coverage. Microsoft is ranked ninth worst. . Read more.

Apple now has a "Switch" tab in the main navigation bar for its Web site. Read more.

Macs are 36 percent cheaper to run than Windows PCs

Tutorial on backing up OS X using the Terminal.

Chalk symbol on a wall or pavement indicate the presence of a wireless networking node. Read more.


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Macworld Expo NY, July 15-19 in New York, NY. www.macworldexpo.com

Apple Expo Europe September 10-14 in Paris www.apple-expo.com