What's New - Jun 17, 2002

By: Mike Yocom - Revised: 2006-07-03 devin


What's new for the Mac in the previous month:
  • General issues, workarounds and fixes
  • New Software and hardware
  • Software and hardware updates/patches

New Apple Software

Mac OS X 10.1.5 - improved applications (Mail and Sherlock), networking (AFP & Windows NT, iDisk speed boost (10x), supports non standard http WebDAV port, sendmail updated *and broken*, php updated), security (includes the Security Update April 2002), support for PC Card serial communication devices (generic PC Card driver), and expanded peripheral device support (cameras, drives, new ATI Rage driver). Problems: wake from sleep problems like DHCP lease dropped or 3rd party video card or mouse ceases to function; keyboard remapper utilities cause kernel panics.

Apple Final Cut Pro X 3.0.2.

Apple Network Assistant 4.0.5 improves performance and reliability for copies performed via the Copy Items and Copy Hard Disk commands.

Apple WebObjects 5.1.3.

QuickTime 6 Public Preview.

New Third Party Software

AdBlocker Toolkit 1.0 is a Terminal toolkit to prevent Internet ads from appearing. It includes files to assist you in setting up the hosts file on your computer to prevent most internet ads from showing up on your computer. Popup ads won't load (nor will they spawn new ads), and most banner ads will never appear. [OS X]

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Scripting plugin 1.0.1 automates repetitive tasks and key workflows in Adobe Photoshop using rich scripting support. Writes scripts using JavaScript or AppleScript. [OS 9 & X]

Chimera 0.3 is a Cocoa native Web browser based on Fizzilla. This release adds Autocomplete, a Go menu, icons in the Bookmark menu, a security indicator in the status bar, new prefs panels, 10.1.5 support, editiable bookmarks, smaller app size, and many crash fixes. [OS X]

Eudora 5.1.1 [OS 9 & X]

FAXstf X 10.0.4 [OS X]

File Buddy 7.1 is an update to this extensive desktop and file/folder editing tool. There are many new features and bug fixes, including: The pop-up menu of file types supported by the current creator now works in Mac OS X as long as the user has sufficient privileges to access the appropriate application; File Buddy can now create a custom icon for a graphics file based on the image in the file; File Buddy can now create a custom icon for a graphics file based on the image in the file. [OS 9 & X]

FileMaker Pro Web Companion 5.5v4 fixes a problem where FileMaker Pro database files stored in the "Web" folder (or subfolders) could be downloaded by end user browsers using HTTP requests, regardless of the settings in the Remote Administration options of the Web Companion Configuration. [OS 9 & X]

GraphicConverter 4.4 adds its usual very large mix of feature improvements and bug fixes. Some of the changes include long filename support, a move after delete option, grayscale TIFF import bug fix, and much more. [OS 9 & X]

HAlarmX 1.1 is an alarm monitor for TCP/IP, disk and system issues. This release fixes a bug with the disk alarm and adds time stamps to alarm messages. [OS X]

iCab 2.8. [OS 9 & X]

InterMapper 3.6.2b1 monitors servers, networks, AirPorts with pings, SNMP, probes. It has new and improved probes plus many bug fixes. [OS 9 & X]

MacJanitor 1.2 is am update to this freeware utility that runs the system's daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance scripts (located at /etc/daily, /etc/weekly, and /etc/monthly). [OS X]

Macromedia Fireworks MX 6.0 full version. [OS 9 & X]

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 6.0 full version. [OS 9 & X]

Micosoft Office v. X, Service Release 1 (Office v. X SR 1) - invalidates serial numbers from warez/surfer serials. [OS X]

MSN Messenger 3.0 [OS X]

Microsoft URL Security Updater - stops a buffer overflow in IE and Office. [OS 9]

Mozilla 1.0rc3 is an open-source web browser, the basis of Netscape. New in this version: 139 bug fixes since RC2, including fixes for plugins, usability, crashes, and internationalization issues. [OS 9 & X]

Netscape X 7.0pr1 is "full of annoying marketing-driven nonsense". [OS 9 & X]

Netscape MRJ plugin X 1.0 enables Java under OS X for Mozilla/Netscape 6.x browsers. The update fixes a problem with mouse click consumption, and will be the version of the plugin shipped in upcoming releases of Mozilla browsers for Mac OS X.

Now Up-to-Date & Contact X 4.2.1 is an update to this popular scheduler and contact manager. It includes several changes to the QuickDay and QuickContact menubar menus. It also implemented Grab nÕ Go under Mac OS. [OS X]

OmniWeb 4.1b7 the most recent beta update to this popular Web browser. [OS X]

OpenOffice 638c for Mac OS X Developer Build. [OS X]

PortSniffer X 2.0.1 searches a range of IP addresses for TCP/IP server services. [OS X]

PowerKey 4.1 is the latest management software for the programmable power strips. For their PowerKey 650 USB. [OS 9 & X]

PrefsOverload 4.2 is a tool for managing the Preferences folder. This update adds speed improvements, a Clear All button for exclusion preferences, and it fixes a bug that prevented the "Don't ask again" button from working in the delete warning dialog. [OS 9 & X]

Retrospect Driver Update for Retrospect 5.0, Mac RDU 2.7.

Snapz Pro X 1.0.3 is an excellent screen capture utility for OS X. The update fixes a bug that under rare circumstances could cause the VM sub-system to run out of pmap entries when Snapz Pro X is invoked (causing a crash). [OS X]

Spamfire 1.12 removes unwanted commercial and pornographic email in any POP3 email account. This update adds stability improvements and other fixes under OS 9, and it fixes a launching bug under OS X. [OS 9 & X]

VPC 5.0.3 update. Introduces a Windows XP, 2000, and NT slow down. See VPC 5.0.3 FAQ. [OS 9 & X]

Watson 1.5.3 is an Aqua desktop interface to various Web services. This version addresses an issue with downloading and installing third-party tools. [OS X]

Who Owns What 1.4 creates directory and file listings that are sorted by Owner and Group. [OS X]

Hardware News

Updated iBooks: processor speed and cache memory increased, a new ATI Mobility Radeon graphics controller with 16MB RAM and AGP 2X, VGA and S-video out capability (for mirroring only) and larger hard drives.

$1,799, G3/700, 512K L2, 14.1, 256MB, 30GB, Combo drive
$1,499, G3/700, 512K L2, 12.1, 128MB, 20GB, Combo drive
$1,199, G3/600, 512K L2, 12.1, 128MB, 20GB, CD-ROM drive

Apple offers eMac to Consumers: $1,099.

Users who purchased a new PowerBook who did not get the S-video cable can get it here.

Refurbished hardware: store.apple.com at the bottom left hand column has a red sales tag with the word "sale" on it. Very cheap. (5G iPod for $299, dual 1GHz for $2399, iBook 600MHz w/ combo drive $1149). Go to education store and click on same tag for a different list of hardware.

Registered owners of ADB PowerKey Pro Model 600 can upgrade to the USB PowerKey Pro 650 for $149.50. Read more.

Retail News

Apple SmartDisk FireFly promo Upgrade a new PowerBook or Power Mac online at the Apple Store and receive a free 5GB SmartDisk FireFly. Read more.


Copy-protected audio CDs that get stuck in drives. Use iTunes to eject the CD. Read more.

NOTE: this copy-protection scheme will go away, but be replaced with SACD format. Read more.

When FireWire devices are connected at the same time as a Canon ZR-40, ZR-45, or ZR-50, computer may crash or devices may drop. Work-arounds: 1) connect only the camera; 2) try a different cable; 3) change the device chain order. Read more.

There is a complaint that replacement adapters for last years recall "fail to work properly, and eventually stop transmitting power." Enter lawsuit: www.apple-power-adapter-complaints.com.

Adobe Online Manager causes crashes with auto web update in Illustrator 10 and possible other Adobe apps.

UMAX begins charging for drivers, $32 for a driver shipped via CD-ROM.

nVidia GeForce4 Ti Series problems.

FileMaker 5.5 crashes.

Virtual PC slow down with Windows XP, 2000, & NT [OS X].

Nikon View 5.0.1 installer deletes Preferences folder [OS X].

Fix loss of network services after sleep by deleting the file 'com.apple.PowerManagement.plist' in the folder /Library/Preferences/ [OS X].

Griffin iMate X 1.5 installer causes startup failure by changing the permissions and owners for "/", "/Library","/System" and "/System/Library". [OS X]. View the fix.

Moving Toast 5 from its default install folder breaks the aliases inside of the package.

General News

Microsoft lawsuit update: Final arguments today! Judge will make her decision late summer.

Apple Solution Experts program gets a new name: Apple Consultants Network. consultants.apple.com

The European Parliament has banned sending unsolicited commercial email. Read more.

Mac OS X Server guide "Mac OS X Server configuration - The additional guide for some of the UNIX stuff", published as shareware, tries to describe what Apple has left out in their documentation, and what is specific of interest for Mac OS X Server administrators. The first three chapters are free. Read more.

Cool Stuff

Tim O'Reilly's WWDC Keynote Transcript

"Using my PC was like beings stuck in a bad relationship." Apple's anti-PC campaign.


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NECC (National Education Computing Conference), June 17-19 in San Antonio, TX. www.neccsite.org

MacHack Conference, June 20-22 in Dearborn, MI. www.machack.com

Macworld Expo NY, July 15-19 in New York, NY. www.macworldexpo.com

Streamline Your Production Workflow for Business Audiences (After Effects, Deck, Maya, and Commotion), July 11, 9:30-12:00, Salt Lake City www.seminars.apple.com

Apple Expo Europe September 10-14 in Paris www.apple-expo.com