QuickTime VR and VR Software

Revised: 2006-06-15 devin


An overview of Quicktime VR, Apple's photorealistic virtual reality technology and two OS X QuickTime VR software packages - Stitcher 3.1 and VR Worx 2.1.

Table Of Contents
    This page contains a basic overview, software & hardware suggestions, and examples of QuickTime VR scenes.

    Apple's QTVR Authoring Studio hasn't been updated since 1998! Back when it was the only QTVR authoring software around, it was acceptible - now it's just ridiculous. In these pages, I will give semi-detailed overviews of what two of the newest Mac QTVR software packages - Realviz Stitcher 3.1, and VR Toolbox VR Worx 2.1 - are capable of, and how their features, user-friendliness, and overall design compare with each other. Both overviews are specific to the OS X software versions, although the OS 9 versions aren't significantly different.