Media Streaming

Revised: 2006-07-18 devin


A collection of presentations related to media streaming including Andromeda Streaming Server, Enterprise Streaming Services, High Availability Media Streaming (TACC), QuickTime Streaming (Fine Arts), and Remote Controlling Analog Streaming.

Table Of Contents
    Andromeda is the simple and smart MP3 server for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It's great as a personal net-jukebox, as part of a public Web site, or over a private network. Chris will discuss how and why the College of Fine Arts selected Andromeda for a School of Music project and Holly will discuss and demonstrate how Fine Arts is using Andromeda to stream music selections for Jazz classes.

    Using streaming relays, live streams are accessed (via cgi redirection) from local servers to create a statewide streaming network without impacting Internet bandwidth for each client connection. In addition, video on demand content is replicated from a central repository nightly. In another current implementation, 15 channels including closed captioning are delivered via IP based television and video distribution system to a large campus community. Learn what’s happening with the expansion to 80 channels, and the move to H.264 with QuickTime 7, QuickTime Broadcaster 1.5, and Mac OS X Server 10.4. Learn about a new Directory Service QuickTime Streaming Server plug-in. The QTSS plug-in allows administrators to access user and group account information provided by Directory Services information. Lastly, a session will also discuss a project of migrating the libraries analog collection to digital streamed network using a homebrewed media asset database providing ACLs for archived audio/video, live media-like presentations, TV channels, multiple analog sources that analog devices can be remotely controlled, RSS feeds, podcasts and much more.

    The College of Fine Arts will present their experience and issues encountered with deploying streaming audio for courses offered by the Music Department. QuickTime Streaming Server V 4, Cleaner 5 and Copyright issues will be briefly discussed.

    Despite the lack institutionalized support and an optimal delivery network, the demand for curricular streaming media continues to expand. Over the past 4 years, the Technology Assisted Curriculum Center, the primary support department for online learning, has worked to overcome these obstacles to provide diverse content to all audiences. Dave will discuss the work being done by the Technology Assisted Curriculum Center

    QuickTime Broadcaster is Apple's live encoding software that allows users to produce professional-quality live events for online delivery. With broadcasting software, QuickTime & QTSS users have an end-to-end MPEG-4-based Internet broadcasting system. This technology is being used by the Student Computing to stream video content to labs & campus. Richard will provide an overview of how MMC set up and is using this technology to service the University.

    Combining iRed, iRed cgi, IRTrans USB, and LiveStage Pro you can create an interactive QuickTime interface to stream DVD, VHS, and other media to a patron and give them the ability to control the device as if they were using a remote control.