Enterprise Streaming Services

By: George Cook, Dave Schroeder, and Richard Glaser - Revised: 2014-01-23 richard

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Using streaming relays, live streams are accessed (via cgi redirection) from local servers to create a statewide streaming network without impacting Internet bandwidth for each client connection. In addition, video on demand content is replicated from a central repository nightly.

In another current implementation, 15 channels including closed captioning are delivered via IP based television and video distribution system to a large campus community. Learn what’s happening with the expansion to 80 channels, and the move to H.264 with QuickTime 7, QuickTime Broadcaster 1.5, and Mac OS X Server 10.4.

Learn about a new Directory Service QuickTime Streaming Server plug-in. The QTSS plug-in allows administrators to access user and group account information provided by Directory Services information.

Lastly, a session will also discuss a project of migrating the libraries analog collection to digital streamed network using a homebrewed media asset database providing ACLs for archived audio/video, live media-like presentations, TV channels, multiple analog sources that analog devices can be remotely controlled, RSS feeds, podcasts and much more.