StudioZEE ADB ZephIR

By: Mikio Moriyasu - Revised: 2006-06-22 devin


The studioZEE ZephIR is an infrared signal emitter/receiver that permits a user to turn his Mac into a universal custom remote control allowing him to operate a wide variety of audio and video components such as TVs, VCRs, DVD players, CD players, and satellite TV systems. When used with high end multi-disc CD players, the ZephIR can create and manage extensive CD playlists and when used with satellite TV systems, the ZephIR uses channel guides that will switch to the exact station without having to use the standard "Menu", "Channel-Up", or Channel-Down" functions. The ZephIR hardware responds to AppleScript from other sources, is networkable, and because it is compatible with inexpensive IR relaying systems, it is an ideal tool for home automation.

Table Of Contents
    General information about ZephIR, its cost, availability, components, ideal uses, and drawbacks.

    How the ZephIR is installed and what is installed on the hard drive.

    For the ZephIR to operate, the proper set of codes that match the audio and video components the user wishes to operate must be stored on the hard drive. These individual "zeeCodes", as studioZee refers to them, are the infrared signals that are emitted by a handheld remote controls when a user selects a specific function he wishes the audio or video component to carry out. A given set of zeeCodes corresponds to all of the functions that can be remotely operated for a specific audio or video component. There are two ways to obtain these zeeCodes; record them individually from the handheld remote itself or download complete sets at no cost from an online library called Webztir.

    How and where to download infrared codes for ZephIR.

    The user can control the operation of audio and video components from two types of desktop remotes.

    Ways in which a Mac with the ZephIR can be used to set up and control CD playlists and TV station channel guides.