Creating Desktop Remote Controls

By: Mikio Moriyasu - Revised: 2006-06-22 devin


The user can control the operation of audio and video components from two types of desktop remotes.

Creating QuickRemotes

The QuickRemote is a window with a complete set of control buttons matching those seen in the Component window of the ZephIR Browser. The buttons are arranged in a simple list. To create a Quick Remote, go to the Remotes menu and drag down to QuickRemote.

From the existing sets of zeeCodes displayed, select the desired audio or video component.

A QuickRemote for that component will appear on the desktop. Clicking on the buttons in the QuickRemote will send those commands to the audio or video component.

If the desired component is channel oriented such as a television or digital satellite system, and a Channel Guide has been created for it in the component editor, the QuickRemote will have a channels button at the top of it.

Moving the pointer down on the channels buttons will bring up the Channel Guide and allow the use to switch channels by drag-selecting them.

Additional information regarding the creation of Quick Remotes can be found at:

Creating "Custom Remotes"

The Custom Remote, like the Quick Remote, is a window with a set of control buttons. The size, color, and layout of the window, the color of the buttons, and available control buttons, however, are up to the discretion of the user.

To create a Custom Remote, select the "Custom Remote" option under the "File - New" menu.

This will open the "Untitled Custom 1" window which is also referred to as the "Superbutton".

To layout the new Custom Remote, begin by clicking anywhere on the "superbutton". This will bring up a menu list of the "Quick Remotes" that are available. Select the desired component from the menu.

The desired control buttons are added by option-dragging them from the Quick Remote window onto the new Custom Remote window.

Once the buttons have been dragged to the Custom Remote, their final location, color, font, and font size can be set up from the "Custom Remote Properties" window.

Additional information and details regarding the creation of custom remotes, how to personalize them, and how they can be used with ZephIR's more advanced features, can be found at: